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When should you start preparing for CAT 2019

In life, the best time to do anything is to start now. Similarly, even for the CAT 2019 Exam, the best time to prepare for the exam would be right this moment. You have 9 months left for your CAT 2019 Preparation. I could help you out in preparing for the same. Do go through this complete study plan and see it if suits your preparation for CAT 2019.

For the first month, it will be better to not try to cover everything all at once. For Month 1, you may follow the given advice:

Month 1

Before starting with the CAT 2019 preparation, you should know the topics being covered in this exam. Get all the books and resources needed for preparation. Now that having all the resources, another important thing to know is the exam pattern.

  • CAT 2019 is an online examination of 3 hours duration.
  • The questions in the exam will be of MCQ and TITA type.
  • MCQ are multiple choice questions, for which candidates get multiple answer choices. Whereas, TITA is for Type In The Answer which means you need to write the answer in the text box that is provided.
  • Each question will carry 3 marks and negative marking of 1 mark will be applicable for every wrong answer.
  • The VARC section and DILR section have 24 questions each. QA has 25 questions. this makes a sum of 75 questions. The TITA questions are 25 in number.

Months 2 & 3

Choose 1 topic at a time and understand the basics of it. Building strong basics is the key to crack any exam, and same goes for CAT 2019. Know shortcuts and other important topics, try to attempt and crack the hard questions first and make not of all key points to aid you through the preparation.

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Months 4 & 5

Now that you are familiar with the exam pattern and have done a basic warm up, try to aim Quantitative Aptitude, Verbal Ability, Logical Reasoning, and Data Interpretation. Start solving the examples in the books along with the worksheets. Analyze your performance and redo the questions in which you have doubts. Moreover, this is the right time to start reading some good books and newspapers. This will help you get a stronghold of English language and increase the General Knowledge.

Month 6

Assuming you are almost through with the entire syllabus at least once, you can now focus on time management and learn to prioritize the questions based on your skills and level of difficulty. Solve Mocks with accuracy and your record your time. To ace CAT 2019, you must have both speed and accuracy. To enhance both, you can practice more and more Mocks. 1 Mock a week is the ideal practice.

Month 7

Increase the number of Mocks because Winter is coming! During this month, you must start taking mock tests at a higher rate getting ready for the D-day. Start taking 3-4 mock tests every week and analyze the performance in the tests. Revise the topics that you think needs some more preparation. Try to solve previous year question papers. You will have a rough idea of the type of questions being asked and the way to attempt it. Ensure that you take mock tests as if you are actually appearing for CAT 2019 exam and not just a preparation. In this manner, you will learn time management and performance under pressure.

Month 8 & 9

The time for revising all you have learnt till date and leaving aside everything you could not tackle. Therefore, you must focus on strengthening the sections you are familiar with. Ensure that you have a certain fixed strategy to reach the answers and stick to it. This is not the time to experiment as this may lead to confusion. Work hard smartly to eliminate the errors and be consistent.

You can easily score well in CAT 2019 with a proper study schedule and regular mock tests. Time Management is one of the important factors for any exam preparation. One has to maintain the right schedule for preparation and study. This is the time you need to be determined and confident. When the D-day arrives be relaxed and go for the exam with a calm mind, your hard work is definitely going to be paid with good marks in CAT 2019 examination.

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