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9 Important Strategies of CAT Exam for Last 30 Days CAT IIM MBA 

9 Important Strategies of CAT Exam for Last 30 Days

With barely a month to go, fear, stress and anxiety would normally flood you. But this is the stage which separates the men from the boys. Given the intensity of competition and the constant setbacks in the mocks, sometimes you may also ponder whether to continue preparing for CAT or just leave it to the gods to somehow favour you on the D-day. But even the gods only help those who help themselves, quitting should not be an option right now. Rather you should try to step up to the…

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Important Syllogism Questions for CAT Preparation CAT Concepts GMAT IIM MBA Uncategorized XAT 

Important Syllogism Questions for CAT Preparation

Syllogism Questions Today I am going to share a systematic method to solve Syllogism questions. Syllogism is an important topic for CAT as well as other competitive exams. There are approximately 3-4 questions based on syllogism, mainly from verbal ability and logical reasoning sections of CAT. Solving and scoring in Syllogism questions is an easy task if we know the basics of syllogism. So, the question arises, WHAT is a syllogism? Syllogism is a Greek synonym of the word conclusion or inference. It is an instance of a form of reasoning,…

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Importance of XAT Mock Test Admission Courses MBA Structure XAT 

Importance of XAT Mock Test

During the MBA preparation most of the aspirants think only about CAT. But there are other entrance exams as well where you should also keep your focus. Xavier Aptitude Test is one of them. XAT is used for the admission in XLRI- Xavier School of Management. XLRI is considered as the best B-school in the country for MBA in Human Resources and if you wish to sure your admission in this college, then you must prepare for XAT mock test very effectively. Importance of XAT Mock Test As you know,…

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Family tree relationships, Blood relations problems CAT Concepts Courses IIM MAT MBA Practice Paper XAT 

Family tree relationships, Blood relations problems

                       Family tree relationships problems In the following article we will learn about the family tree relationships and the concept of family tree relationships based on coded symbols CAT aspirants can visit here for more such articles. Generally, in every competitive exam you may find family tree relationships  and blood relation  type problems. These types of problems test your understanding potential in given time. Here we will explain how to solve blood relation questions with easy & simple trick. Some…

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How to Solve Logarithm Questions in CAT CAT Concepts MBA Tips Uncategorized 

How to Solve Logarithm Questions in CAT

CAT 2018 is almost here and students should concentrate on more important topics to get perfect percentile in individual sections. In quant, there are many topics to be covered and LOGARITHM is one of those. The logarithm is the inverse operation to exponentiation. That means the logarithm of a number is the exponent to which another fixed value, the base, must be raised to produce that number. It is compulsory that question will come from this topic. So here are some properties and formulas to be focused on. Remainder Theorem::…

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CAT 2018 – Concept of Time & Work with Practice Questions CAT Concepts Tips 

CAT 2018 – Concept of Time & Work with Practice Questions

Though it is one of the smaller topics of CAT, Time & Work questions are relatively easy and every candidate should not miss out on any of the questions from the topic. Here we have a comprehensive view on the Strategy of Work and Time along with a few practice questions In solving the problems based on time and work, we need to calculate the following parameters. (A) Time : – Time taken to complete an assigned job. (B) Individual time :- Time needed by single person to complete a…

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11 useful Tips for CAT exam day ! CAT 

11 useful Tips for CAT exam day !

Being relaxed but at the same time smart and focused can help you to be at your best during those minutes of the exam. There are quite a lot of things to take care of in your final countdown to CAT. We have collected the best tips for CAT exam day and here’s what we have. 1. Take proper sleep on the night before the exam– This will help you to stay relaxed so that you don’t keep yawning inside the examination hall and rather maintain optimum focus on the…

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9 Most Important Last Week Strategies and Tips for CAT Exam CAT MBA 

9 Most Important Last Week Strategies and Tips for CAT Exam

Every year, lakhs of MBA aspirants appear for the test and this year 200,000+ candidates have applied for the same. Just a few days away from the test and amidst the last moment panic, we present this article listing the last minute tips to best utilize this week and to gear up for taming CAT. These tips will help the candidates to prepare a strategy for attempting the test. It is important to have a strategy and plan set in advance as it will help in tackling the test in most effective manner, thereby scoring…

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6 Tips: Last 2 Week Strategies for CAT Exam CAT IIM MBA 

6 Tips: Last 2 Week Strategies for CAT Exam

Last 2 Week left, it is time to shift gears of your preparation for CAT Exam. Now that there are hardly 2 weeks left, it can be assumed that your basic preparation is over by now and the focus has to be shifted to revision, practice and deciding the test day strategy. 1. Take Mock Tests  Taking regular mock tests should be your thumb rule now. Take mock tests at least thrice or twice in a week along with adequate analysis. Taking mock tests will help you analyze your current preparation level. Make…

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8 Important Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension (RC) CAT GMAT IIM MBA Verbal Ability 

8 Important Tips to Improve Reading Comprehension (RC)

Reading comprehension is the understanding of what a particular text means and the ideas the author is attempting to convey, both textual and sub-textual. In order to read any text, your brain must process not only the literal words of the piece, but also their relationship with one another, the context behind the words, how subtle language and vocabulary usage can impact emotion and meaning behind the text, and how the text comes together as a larger, coherent whole. For instance, let’s look at the first line from Jane Austen’s novel, Pride and Prejudice: “It is…

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