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How to Solve Logarithm Questions in CAT

CAT 2018 is almost here and students should concentrate on more important topics to get perfect percentile in individual sections. In quant, there are many topics to be covered and LOGARITHM is one of those. The logarithm is the inverse operation to exponentiation. That means the logarithm of a number is the exponent to which another fixed value, the base, must be raised to produce that number. It is compulsory that question will come from this topic. So here are some properties and formulas to be focused on. Remainder Theorem::…

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Basic Linear Equation concepts for CAT

Linear Equation Concept to Crack Cat 2018 Linear Equation is one of the basic and fundamental topic in Quantitative section for cracking CAT. This is the most easiest of all and you can get full score in these questions in one attempt. The only way to do this is to practice and go through the concept and tricks shared below: Linear Equation Concept: An equation whose solution is a straight line. In a linear equation, the variables are raised to the first power there are no variables in denominators, no…

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Prepare for CAT 2018 in less than 6 months

The date for CAT 2018 has been released (25thNovember) which leaves exactly 6 months for the D-day. There is no better time to start your test preparation than now. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you should Prepare for CAT in less than 6 months The very first step is to divide the three sections and put emphasis on each one according to your comfortability with the section Part 1: Logical Reasoning + Data¬†Interpretation Instead of putting raw data to solve a problem, be sure to organise the data…

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