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How to solve seating arrangement problem

How to solve seating arrangement problem     Type of seating arrangement problem asked in CAT exams:- Seating arrangement problem will be circular,square or rectanglular type face IN or Out with one or two variables like blood relation/age.Linear arrangement facing North/South in one or two variables. In today’s blog we will cover different kind of seating arrangement problem asked in CAT exams. For mor such contents visit the link Seating arrangement tricks to solve the problems: Questions on seating arrangement are generally asked in blocks of 4 – 5 questions. You…

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quadrilateral inscribed in a circle

Quadrilateral Inscribed in a Circle In the following blog we will learn about the quadrilateral inscribed in a circle. quadrilateral inscribed in a circle kind of question are common in CAT examinations.   Explanation: An inscribed quadrilateral is any four sided figure whose vertices all lie on a circle. (The sides are therefore chords in the circle!) This conjecture give a relation between the opposite angles of such a quadrilateral. It says that these opposite angles are in fact supplements for each other. In other words, the sum of their measures is 180 degrees.…

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Number Base System

Number Base System In todays blog we will learn about the number base system useful concept in CAT quantitative exam. number base system  like binary and hexadecimal seem a bit strange at first. The key is understanding how different number base systems “tick over” like an odometer when they are full. Base 10, our decimal system, “ticks over” when it gets 10 items, creating a new digit. We wait 60 seconds before “ticking over” to a new minute. Hex and binary are similar, but tick over every 16 and 2 items,…

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CAT question and answers

CAT question and answers In this section we will learn about important CAT question and answers are mostly asked in cat exams. These CAT question and answers are important for all the CAT aspirants preparing for the exam. Syllabus and topics for CAT exam are as followed:- Quantitative Aptitude HCF AND LCM 6 different sweet varieties of count 32, 216, 136, 88, 184, 120 were ordered for a particular occasion. They need to be packed in such a way that each box has the same variety of sweet and the number…

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family tree relationships CAT Concepts Courses IIM MAT MBA Practice Paper XAT 

Family tree relationships, Blood relations problems

                       Family tree relationships problems In the following article we will learn about the family tree relationships and the concept of family tree relationships based on coded symbols CAT aspirants can visit here for more such articles. Generally, in every competitive exam you may find family tree relationships  and blood relation  type problems. These types of problems test your understanding potential in given time. Here we will explain how to solve blood relation questions with easy & simple trick. Some…

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paramount vs tantamount CAT Concepts Courses Format IIM MBA 

Paramount vs Tantamount

Paramount vs Tantamount In this article we we learn about the difference in paramount and tantamount . Learning the concepts for CAT aspirants and knowining paramount vs tantamount for more such articles please visit here What’s the difference paramount vs tantamount? The distinction is of paramount importance; it’s tantamount to being right or wrong. PARAMOUNT, from the Anglo-French word Paramount, derived from the Latin phrase per and montem, literally translated as “up the mountain,” means “supreme.” It’s also used (rarely) as a noun to refer to a supreme ruler. TANTAMOUNT…

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CAT Exam: Quant Tips and Tricks by CAT Topper

This is a special notes for all CAT and MBA aspirants.. by IIM Topper. QUANT THEORY 1) nPr = n!/(n-r)! 2) nPn = n! 3) nCr = n!/(n-r)!r! 4) nCn = 1 5) nP0 = 1 6) nC0 = 1 7) AP An = a + (n-1)d Sn = n/2[2a + (n-1)d] 8) GP An = ar(n-1) Sn = a(rn – 1 )/ (r-1) S∞ = a/(1-r) 9) 1 mile = 1760 yards 10) 1 yard = 3 feet 11) 1 mile2 = 640 acres 12) I gallon = 4 quarts 13) 1 quart = 2 pints 14) 1 pint = 2 cups 15) 1 cup = 8 ounces 16) 1 pound = 16 ounces 17) 1 ounce = 16 drams…

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Meet the Topper of CAT 2017, Chhavi Gupta

Chhavi Gupta is one of the two female CAT 2017 toppers who secured 100 percentile score. An alumnus of IIT Delhi’s five year dual B. Tech and M. Tech degree in Biotechnology, she is currently working at Opera Solutions as a Business Analyst. CAT 2017 Topper: Ms. Chhavi Gupta  Talk to Chhavi Gupta on Eckovation App   Strategy to prepare for CAT in less than 6 months – Click Here You can also join from direct link: Click Here 5 Important Program for CAT 2018   Enrollment in 6 CAT Programs…

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CAT 2018: Important Dates, Schedule, Pattern, Syllabus and Preparation Strategy

IIM Calcutta and IIM Kozhikode are the biggest contenders to convene CAT 2018, although any of the other top four IIMs can be assigned this responsibility. During the last  5 years, only these two IIMs have not convened the Common Admission Test (CAT). Both these IIMs are known for their  different approach to conduct the exam and may change the exam pattern and difficult level, if they convene CAT 2018.   Institute Involved in CAT 2018 Common Admission Test (CAT) 2018 is the computer based and is the largest MBA…

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25 Most Important Personal Interview (PI) Questions Answers For IIM & CAT Exam

Heart racing, palms sweating, stomach sinking … You know the feeling—the nerves that take over right before walking into an interview. Believe it or not, everyone experiences those feelings at one point or another, even those really, really confident-looking people! Even if you can’t get rid of it completely, you can reduce the amount of stress you feel by preparing for an interview before it happens. Knowing in advance what the interviewer might ask can give you time to come up with the best possible answers, which should keep your nerves from…

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