CAT IIM Verbal Ability 

How to Prepare for Verbal Section – CAT 2018

VERBAL ABILITY AND READING COMPREHENSION The section that is considered to be the most dreaded one in CAT Exam is Verbal ABILITY AND READING COMPREHENSION or VA-RC.¬†Usually people step back even before having an idea about what this section is really about. So, let’s have an elaborated discussion about VA-RC so that you can see the desired sectional percentile in your CAT 2018 Scorecard. Right from 2015 when IIM Ahmedabad reintroduced CAT exam pattern, the Verbal Ability has been placed as the first section CAT Exam. It consists of 24…

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11 Tips on How to Prepare for CAT Exams

CAT exams have been changing in some way or the other every year. But still a mixture of strategy, planning and implementation always helps in scoring well in this test. Try these simple tips before the CAT Exam and feel more confident and geared up for the big day. Tip #1 Rather than focusing on all the topics, students need to try and select those topics with which they are more comfortable. Even on the exam day, with the question sheet in hand, students shouldn’t try to solve each and…

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