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Super 50 Program: Learning Cycle for Participants

Thank you all for subscribing the program. The super 50 program is focused on ensuring best result for all. In the process, we are going to follow 2 groups, CAT 2017 group and CAT Test Series group.

The flow of the learning will be as following:

1. Video Lessons

The video lessons are available in CAT 2017 group and to access the videos you need to go to video tab of the group.

2. Notes and Practice Paper:

The link of notes and practice paper will be shared in feed tab of CAT 2017 group and you guys have to follow the link and complete the assignment on every week.

Note: Please bookmark all the weekly assignments by saving the post.

3. Online Practice Paper

Along with the PDF of the notes and practice paper, you all have to complete the weekly assignment. These assignments are there in the quiz tab of CAT 2017.

4. Doubt Discussion

For doubt discussion, use the feed tab and discussion tab of CAT 2017.

5. Topic Test and Mock Test

Topic test and mock tests are available in CAT Test Series Group.

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