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Super 30 CAT Online Crash Course Program: Registration Starts

Yes, obviously with this article, we are trying to generate enrolments for our CAT Online Crash Course Program.


But through this article, we have also covered how you can prepare for CAT exam in 100 days in a structured manner. So, even if you’re still in two minds whether to join our program or not or may not join our program, read the whole article because it will help a lot in making your preparation very effective in these last 100-150 days. So, read on:


With less than 150 days left for the CAT exam (one of the most crucial days of your life which will turn the trajectory of your entire future), the pressure must be getting on your nerves and we don’t blame you for that.


We’ve been through this similar grind years ago and the pressure was inevitable. It starts to seem like we are now extremely short of time and in no way can we aim for IIMs according to our preparation levels, atleast for this year. Limited number of seats in good MBA Colleges in the country adds to the pressure because the competition is also intense.


But a good thing about CAT exam is that questions of similar nature are repeated every year in every section. If this fact is capitalised in the right way, even getting into the top IIMs no longer remains as tough as it seems.


The two sources of pressure mentioned above also seems to melt away. You start to realise that if questions are mostly repeated, it’s all about practising each variety of question which has previously come in CAT exam and you’ll be good to go, and 100 days are more than enough to achieve this.



You also come to understand that although competition is intense, everyone doesn’t prepare for the exam in a structured manner to bring the maximum output for every hour put into the preparation. This world of aspirants with structured preparation is very small and hence actual competition is also limited.

This is also the reason why you see most of the working professionals clearing the CAT exam whereas one who is preparing full time for CAT may not get through. A working professional has no choice but to manage his time very effectively and therefore his output/hour becomes much higher.


But can you really afford to take out so much of your time from preparation and divert it to analysing past papers, segmenting them into all sorts of categories, solving them and getting the solutions to the ones you can’t answer? We also don’t think so.

Conventional big coaching institutes have tried to make this process easier for you but then they come up booklets and question banks with so many questions that it would take your lifetime to solve all of them. This results in a waste of your time, mismanagement of time for different topics and thus defeats the purpose.


Our crash course is not designed to provide you everything this world has to offer. We are not going to bombard you with 750+ hours of videos, 1 lakh+ mock tests etc. because we’ve been through the same journey as you and we realise the importance of time and using it very effectively for maximum output.



Our crash course is instead designed in such a way that every hour put into this program will increase your marks in the actual CAT Exam. There will be either of these benefits:

i) If you already know how to solve the question variety, then this revision will help you solve a similar question in lesser time in CAT and thus give you more time to solve other questions,

ii) If you haven’t yet solved the question variety, then you’ll start solving similar questions comfortably.



In very simple words, the Super 30 CAT Online Crash Course will include the following:

i) Topic wise tests with high quality questions on each question variety supported by detailed explanations so that your topic is prepared right then and there.

ii) Very concise notes on each topic to help you grasp the fundamentals of the topics.

iii) Open source curated high quality videos to support your preparation of each topic.

iv) Topic level benchmarking of your performance with other students of this program from across the country. So for example, for an easy topic, everyone’s preparation might be good in an absolute sense but you’ll get to know how to stand relatively. This is more useful as ultimately we are talking about a competitive exam.


So, in essence, it’s all about making sure that you practice and practice each variety of questions from all sections in these last 100 days. If you can do that on your own, that’s great. But if want to minimise your time in this effort and just focus on preparation at this crucial hour, then you can join our crash course program. To join, you can click on the button below:


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