SNAP Exam Pattern 2016

Symbiosis International University (SIU) will be conducting SNAP 2016 on December 18, 2016. The test will be held in pen-paper mode. The SNAP 2016 exam pattern was announced along with the notification. According to it, a total of 150 multiple-choice questions will be asked in the test, from 4 different sections. For all the candidates preparing for SNAP 2016 must ensure that they have complete knowledge of the test pattern. They should analyze the exam pattern well as it will give them the idea of duration of exam, number & name of sections from which the questions will be asked, marking scheme etc. Read this article further for more details SNAP Exam Pattern 2016.

SNAP Exam Pattern 2016

No change has been made to the test pattern this year. As the exam is held in pen-paper mode, the exam-takers will be required to mark their answers using blue or black ball point pen only.

  • The duration of the test is 2 hours.
  • The exam will be held in a single session, from 2.00 PM to 4.00 PM.
  • 150 objective type questions will be asked from 4 sections namely, General English, Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency, Current Affairs and Analytical & Logical Reasoning.
  • Every question will have 4 choices and the candidates will have mark one correct answer out of these.

Having an understanding of the SNAP exam pattern will help the candidates have an idea about the number of sections the question paper will have, number of questions that will be asked from each section and the type of questions etc.

Check the table below for more clarity on the SNAP 2016 Exam Pattern.

S. No. Name of Sections No. of questions which will be asked from each section Total Marks
1 General English: Reading Comprehension, Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Ability 40 40
2 Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency 40 40
3 Current Affairs (of last 2 years) 30 30
4 Analytical & Logical Reasoning 40 40
  Total  150 150


The candidates can refer to the SNAP previous year questions papers, model test papers, practice papers etc. for getting comfortable with the exam pattern of SNAP 2016.

SNAP Marking Scheme 2016

  • For marking correct answer = +1
  • For marking incorrect answer = 1/4th of the mark will be deducted

The test will be marked out of a total of 150 marks.

SNAP Exam Pattern 2016 – Detail of topics for all 4 sections

Let’s now try understanding the above-mentioned 4 sections in a bit detail. To know from which all topics the questions can be asked in the exam and how you can tackle these questions.

1. General English – This is the first section of the SNAP Question Paper. Questions from verbal reasoning, comprehension and verbal ability are asked in this section. The candidate’s language and reading skills are tested in this section. Here, the candidates will be asked to find the errors in the given sentences and select the closest word with the same meaning. Also, there will be questions such as rearranging the words properly and create a meaningful error free sentence and various similar questions.

To tackle this part, the candidates are required to be proficient with grammar and must compile answers related to language. Along with this, the candidates must practice their verbal reasoning and ability skills to ace this section.

2. Quantitative, Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency – This section will be the judge on the candidate’s Mathematical and Data Sufficiency skills. The questions asked in this section will cover the topics such as Arithmetic, Business Mathematics and Geometry. Thus, the candidates must polish their formulas and concepts to be quick in oral calculations.

In the Data Sufficiency part, the candidate’s data interpretive skills will be put to the test. Questions will be based on factual data, where the candidates are required to interpret them into diagrams, charts, tables, etc. Here, the candidates must be prepared with their skills in quickly converting fractions to a percentage, their understanding of square, cube roots and other approximating techniques.

3. Current Affairs – Just like the name, this section deals with the candidate’s awareness of the current global/national ambiance. Questions may pop out from various topics such as developments in politics, science, economy, politics, books and history. One of the best ways to prepare for this section is to stay updated about the outside world. The candidates are advised to follow newspapers or magazines and other yearbooks to prepare for this section.

4. Analytical and Logical Reasoning – The trickiest section of the question paper is this one. As the name suggests, this section consists of questions that test the candidate’s analytical and logical skills. Topics such as analysis, data arrangement, blood relations, reasoning, sequences, directions etc. will be covered in this section. To prepare for this topic, the candidates are required to be in regular practice with the topics. Clear concepts and practice is the best way to tackle this section.

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