SET 5: Important words, their meanings and synonyms for CAT

It is important to note that CAT, XAT, CMAT, SNAP etc. does test your vocabulary indirectly. Often questions have appeared in which you need to choose the correct usage of simple, every day words. Quite often, these common words have multiple meanings, depending on the context of their use, and these entrance exams have tested your understanding about all possible uses a common word can be put to. Please try to find antonyms for these:

TEMPORAL: Worldly, as opposed to spiritual; existing for a time only

Synonyms: mundane, secular, civil

INHIBIT: To check or hinder

Synonyms: restrain, curb

SORDID: Mean and base; filthy

Synonyms: degraded, vile, ignoble

LATENT: Hidden; present but not fully developed

Synonyms: dormant, quiescent, covert, potential

TEMERITY: Unwise or reckless boldness

Synonyms: audacity, presumptuousness, effrontery

JAUNTY: Having an air of easy carelessness or liveliness

Synonyms: sprightly, airy, gay, nonchalant


Synonyms: foment, incite

HIATUS: A gap or vacancy

Synonym: breach

FICTITIOUS: Unreal; made-up

Synonym: fabricated

EXPATIATE: To speak or write at great length

Synonym: dilate







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