Second Chance to CAT Exam: Factors You should consider for writing CAT Exam Again

Before getting into the answer of giving second chance to CAT exam, let’s understand the importance of CAT exam.

Common Admission Test (CAT) is the entrance exam for aspiring candidates who desire to make a career in management and business administration i.e. MBA. This examination is conducted by the Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) on a rotational basis. The CAT score is considered for admission by most of the top B-schools across India apart from IIMs.

Importance of CAT Exam:

  • The students passing out of these premium institutes (IIMs) are picked by companies on hands with lucrative salary packages.
  • The sheer diversity of jobs, the extent of responsibility and ownership that you get in MBA in your job make it worth. You get to choose from a range of specializations such as Marketing, Advertising, Finance, Strategy, Consulting etc.
  • To grow beyond a certain level in your job, you need an additional degree. Choosing a career in MBA is one of the best options for higher education in India
  • Your ability to get seed capital for starting a new business (entrepreneur) improves tremendously if you have done an MBA from one of the top B-schools
    in the country. You also get to interact with the best minds in the country where you can brainstorm your ideas and get a better handle on things.
  • An MBA definitely provides better recognition, opportunities to network and credibility too.

Important Point: CAT is a non-genius exam

You can prepare and become good at Quant, DI LR and Verbal. CAT is a certified non-genius exam. If you are slightly better than average and are willing to put in the necessary hours, you can get a decent percentile.

Think about how well you might have done in this exam if you had prepared well. In this best-case scenario, if you do not see yourself crossing 80th percentile, give up the ghost and try something else. If somewhere you get the belief that a 90-95 percentile score is even possible, buckle down and give it a go.


Guarantee of getting 98+ Percentile in CAT Exam

An MBA only from a reputed BSchool will lead to this life. So, if you are serious about MBA, then you need to score 98+ percentile to reap the most benefit out of it.

However, if the college curriculum/first job itself is hectic, it is difficult to take out a lot of time daily for CAT/XAT preparation.

Super 50 Program: 50 Students | 1 hr per Day | 98+ percentile

On the other hand, CAT/XAT exams are highly competitive as most of the students look towards completing an MBA after their graduation for giving a boost to their careers.

That is why we have designed a comprehensive program in such a way that if you sincerely devote 60-90 minutes everyday to the preparation, we guarantee you 98+ percentile in CAT 2018. Getting 99+ percentile will also depend on the level of effort you put in.

Why Super 50 program is far superior than any other CAT Program?

  • All content in the program has been developed after extensive research of past year papers and finding patterns.
  • 200+ hours of video lectures prepared by IIM Graduates. These lectures cover concepts as well as practice questions.
  • High Quality Tests – 300 Topic Level Tests and 50 Full Length Tests. If you sincerely practice these all, you’ll infact score above 99 percentile.
  • Mock tests for other exams including XAT/SNAP/IIFT will also be covered so that your complete MBA preparation is taken care of.
  • Year Long Mentorship by a team from IIMs and FMS.
  • Percentile Predictor and Personalized Feedback for all topic tests and full length tests.

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