Do you need an MBA after Engineering?

With as low as 8% of engineers getting jobs in the field of their choice, it is imperative for you to start looking at options, an MBA being one of them, which will guarantee you a good career.

One thing you need to do is not to get intimidated by the numbers. There are a lot of other opportunities waiting for you outside college. All you need to do is grab some knowledge regarding these jobs and spend some time in learning the skill required for these jobs.

Why is an MBA after engineering such a popular option for Indian professionals?

One of the most attractive options for you is doing an MBA. It is one of the most diverse field which has job opportunities in every sector possible. These jobs can range in the field of IT, Finance, Marketing and go on till Pharma and Manufacturing. A degree in MBA will give you more exposure and help you earn more in very less time. Also, it happens that most engineering students come from Tier 2 and Tier 3 colleges and an MBA degree from renowned institute in India/abroad can add much to their resume.

Some advantages of an MBA after Engineering Are:

  1. High Demand for professionals – The demand for graduates with B.Tech and MBA degrees is greater than the graduates with any other degree. This trend should continue for years as technology is not going to fade away from our lives. Technical and management skills will always be at the core of any organization which wants to grow professionally
  2. Opportunities to work with global brands – Most of the global brands hire professionals with technical and management background. Although they hire people from almost all walks of life, the number of hires who have engineering as well as management degrees outnumber hires with other educational backgrounds
  3. Technical and Management Expertise – Every kind of expertise or skill can be a valuable asset for individuals. However, in today’s era when technology is playing a crucial role in transforming our lives and businesses, there is nothing better than a blend of technical and managerial skills. You can utilize this combination of competencies to advance your career in any technology company
  4. Higher Salaries – Although a degree is never the sole criterion of salaries or job roles. The candidates with both MBA and BTech degrees tend to do better in the aptitude and other tests that help them get a higher compensation package. Your prospects become better if you have excellent communication or writing skills.

How to do an MBA in India?

In order to get into a good MBA institute in India, one need to pass the hurdle of the Common Admission Test(CAT). The most prestigious b-schools of the country like IIMs, FMS, etc accept scores for CAT exam. The gruelling 3 hour exam tests the mental and aptitude strength of a candidate.

CAT results are generally dominated by engineers. CAT 2016 stats show that all twenty 100 percentilers were engineers while the number was seventeen for CAT 2017. Start your preparation for CAT today and guarantee yourself a stable career.

Apart from the government colleges, there are numerous private colleges that accept scores of CAT and XAT(Xaviers Admission Test). Other private colleges such as Symbiosis, NMIMS and IIFT conduct their own exams in order to get a seat into them.

Getting all the knowledge at one place can be tedious task and that is exactly why we am here to help you

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