Last 10 days of CAT preparation, 7 things to do now

You should ideally relax for a week before the exam.

1. Just read a couple of daily newspapers and avoid reading anything else so as not to cluster your mind with unnecessary information.

2. Preferably pick up a book you have already read and one that you immensely adore. Re-read it.

3. Listen to music.

4. Talk to friends.

5. Go to a good movie.

6. Avoid the temptation to attempt “one” mock test every day. At any cost. (If, by ill fate or due to nervousness, the outcome is not good, it might deeply hamper your performance in the actual exam)


7. Do anything you like – if you are a painter, paint; if you are a guitarist, practice; if you are plain lazy like me, sleep and read comics.

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