Importance of Solving Mock Tests in Cracking CAT Exam

The CAT Test Series has a very important role in ensuring good percentile in CAT Exam. Along with the test series, if a candidate is provided with quality analysis, solution and mentorship from experts then, through dedication and hard-work, the candidate can get 98+ percentile in CAT. In Eckovation’s Test series program, you are going to get all of these things.

CAT Exam: Game of Speed and Accuracy

Not all are aware that CAT Exam is more about speed and accuracy and less about difficulty of questions. Because of this lack of information, sometimes students tend to focus on solving highly complicated questions and thus fall back on developing a capability to solve a large variety of questions.

Less than 6 months are left for CAT 2018 and you need to be on your toes if you’re serious about getting into a top B-School. And, “Practice makes a man perfect” is absolutely relevant for CAT preparation. (Click Here to find out CAT 2017 Important Dates and Applications)

Our sectional test series (QR, VA, LR and DI) as well as full length test series are aligned in such a way that the questions are neither of very high level, compared to what you would get in actual CAT exam, nor are they of below par quality. This is to ensure that you develop a balance between speed and accuracy for the actual exam conditions.


i) Flexibility: A working professional may have more time to study on some days as compared to others. An online program will ensure that every student learns at his/her own pace.

ii) Time Management: No need to waste time in commuting daily for coaching.

iii) Accessible to the entire nation: Although we are based out of New Delhi, with the online program, we are able to reach out to serious aspirants from across India.

iv) Learn from anywhere: Mobile app based learning is the future of learning. You can cover lectures and participate in discussions even while traveling to your offices.

v) Real time performance monitoring of test results

vi) Minimum effort-Maximum results: We won’t waste your time with low quality material. The questions covered in test series will be beyond the difficulty of CAT exam and high quality notes will be provided.

How to Join CAT Test Series Program

To join the CAT Test Series Program, following are steps to follow:

  1. Go to the course page of CAT Test Series: Click Here
  2. Complete the subscription
  3. Recieve the welcome mail, get connected to the mentors from IIM
  4. Start the program and aim for 98+ percentile.

Important Note: Along with the Sectional and Full length test of CAT, applicants will get the test series of SNAP, NMAT and XAT.

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