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How to Prepare for Verbal Section – CAT 2018


The section that is considered to be the most dreaded one in CAT Exam is Verbal ABILITY AND READING COMPREHENSION or VA-RC. Usually people step back even before having an idea about what this section is really about. So, let’s have an elaborated discussion about VA-RC so that you can see the desired sectional percentile in your CAT 2018 Scorecard.

Right from 2015 when IIM Ahmedabad reintroduced CAT exam pattern, the Verbal Ability has been placed as the first section CAT Exam. It consists of 24 Reading comprehension questions and the rest 10 questions on Verbal ability.

For the past few years there has been no direct questions on vocabulary or grammar related questions. So burning your midnight oil for these questions for your VERBAL ABILITY preparation is not that fruitful. So what one has to actually do then?

We will try to find the answer to this question for scoring high in VERBAL ABILITY SECTION here :

Everyone suggests that READING is the only solution to tackle questions on VERBAL ABILITY section on CAT. but what to read actually then.


Your first choice of reading resource should be NEWSPAPERS. One English Daily (preferably Hindu) and one weekly business magazine would suffice. But consistency is the key here. You can’t except to ace to on your mock scores just by reading the papers once in a while. A daily reading habit is a must.

Novels. Reading novels helps a lot in building vocabulary. It also helps in familiarizing with various concepts of grammar as well. A well read person has the most probable chances of scoring 99+ percentile in VA-RC section. A definite reading list of novels goes as follows :

For concepts and tricks on DATA INTERPRETATION, YOU MAY VISIT

  1. IF TOMORROW COMES by Sidney Sheldon
  2. THE SHIVA TRILOGY by Amish Tripathi
  3. MIDNIGHT’S CHILDREN by Salman Rushdie
  4. THE WHITE TIGER by Arvind Adiga
  5. CATCH-22 BY Joseph Heller
  9. Books by JEFFREY ARCHER



For performing better in VERBAL ABILITY section one has to be familiar with each and every topics that have been there in the actual CAT papers. That’s why you should develop the habit of reading from a variety of categories. This will help you attempt more RC sets with great accuracy.


You can regularly read from HARVARD BUSINESS REVIEW. It posts latest topics covering a wider range of domain.  Another International Magazine that might be useful for your VERBAL ABILITY preparation is THE ECONOMIST. It regularly posts new articles on different subjects. The topics varies from Politics to Technology etc

These will help you familiarize with different writing styles. And you will tackle RC questions more swiftly.

Don’t forget to analyse your mocks regularly.

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