Exercise 20 Answers to Prepositions (phrasal verbs) 4 — Passage 2

I can take _off__ early today as currently, I am working __on_ a project that is near completion. I am working _with__ Radha, and we have been working _through__ the night. We have also been trying to break _in__ the new intern. She is bit sad currently as she has broken _up__ with her boyfriend. We hope she will recover presently and not suffer a nervous break _down__. Radha thinks this might be possible as she had broken _down__ last evening at the mere mention of her boyfriend’s name. I don’t believe in putting __up_ with such tantrums but having got rid of the useless intern, Rajesh, (it was impossible to put up with him!) we can’t afford to let her _go__. We need to cut down our expenses and cannot afford __to_ hire anyone with more experience. But I mustn’t be so mean. She is new __to_ this job. I should look _after__ her. I wonder where she is putting _up__. I shall look _out__ for a place for her, close _to__ mine. I shall look _up__ the listings in the paper. I must, however, admit I am not looking _forward__ to babysitting anyone. When I think back _on__ the time when I was new _to__ my job, I find that I was quite inefficient myself. But, let me think this idea _through__ before I jump _into__ it. Many a times, I am not able to keep _up__ with my good intentions. It is not easy to take care _of__ a stranger. Once I extend my help, it won’t be easy to resile. I won’t be able to get _out__ of the commitment. I shall have to put _up__ with having her as a protégé forever. She will look up _up__ me and don’t know if I can live _up__ to her expectations. Nor do I know if we shall get _along__. Suppose she talks _back__ to me. What will I do, then?

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