Exercise 19 Prepositions 3 (phrasal verbs) — passage

Do call ___ us whenever you are next ___ town. I will call __ some food and we will spend the whole day catching ___ . All I need to do is to call ___ Dominos. Domino’s is located ______ the market near my house. The last time I was ___ Domino’s, I was completely taken ___ by the new appearance of the market. So many old shops have closed _______. Many glittering new shops have come ___ in their place. The market is looking decked ____. However, this has taken ___ from the old-worldy charm of the place. My children have not taken ___ the new look of the market, and demand to be taken ___ the old, familiar one! I don’t think they will ever get ___ their fondness for the small park ___ the middle of the old market, ___ which they used to play. They are not ___ parlour games. This morning, I set ___ some work for them to complete. When I get ___ from work, we shall set ___ for Hosur where there is a park my children love. We are all set ___ have a great time there.

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