Do’s & Don’ts of Group Discussion for MBA

In this article we will be discussing more about the do’s & don’ts of GD, how to prepare for GD and the correct etiquette’s one should adopt while participating in a group discussion. Inspite of knowing these certain things students still commit some fatal mistakes. These mistakes may seem insignificant and invalid sometimes but they play a very important role in the corporate life. How we speak and treat others may seem natural to us but can be misinterpreted as arrogance by the panelists. This is something in our character and nothing can fix it except our own efforts. So let us start by identifying some of the common mistakes that we make in a group discussion.

Some common mistakes in a group discussion(GD):

  • Talking too much
  • Showing off with relevance to fake figures and information.
  • Grabbing Attention, it arises with the desire of being first and hence act in a wrong way.
  • Nervousness
  • Outburst of emotions

Now that we are aware of the common mistakes we commit during group discussion. Let us see about the things to be done and the thins not to be done during a group discussion. These tips will not only help you out in getting ahead of your fellow participants but also give you an advantage of being noticed by the panel members.


Things to Do during Group Discussion:

    • Speak politely and in a pleasant way with the group members.
    • Respect the contribution of every member and recognize it and show it with a nod and smile.
    • Agree and acknowledge whatever you find is of your interest.
    • Disagree politely as it is a discussion not an argument. Be firm while talking.
    • Do a mental revision of what you are going to say next and think about how you can answer the same in a best way.
    • Stick to the theme of discussion and don’t run after irrelevant information.
    • Follow proper etiquette’s when speaking in a group.


Things NOT TO DO during group discussion:

  • Don’t loose temper as it is a group discussion we are here to discuss not to argument about something.
  • No one is deaf there so use a moderate tone and medium pitch.
  • Do not interrupt in between when someone is speaking. Wait for the speaker to finish first.
  • Do not draw too much on personal experience.
  • Do not dominate the discussion let others also to speak and contribute in discussion.
  • Do not use loud gestures such as pointing fingers and table thumping as it can appear aggressive.
  • Remember the panel members are watching you and observing you all through the discussion. So listed above the things one should remember during group discussion.


Important Points To Remember :

Communication Skills:

The most important thing about someone is how they can communicate their thoughts to others. Be precise and clear. Listen and then talk let others also speak.


Read consistently as it will make you more confident and convincing on the points you will be saying.

Capability to Co-ordinate and Lead:

Display the skills and tactics you have, knowledge and understanding of different topics also motivate others.

Exchange of Thoughts:

Firstly listen and articulate the message properly and then lead the discussion in the best way, treat each and every group member with respect.

Addressing the group as a Whole:

Dress formally and use simple language to address the group members and also maintain the proper group discussion etiquette’s.

Thorough Preparations:

Read properly so that the thoughts come naturally.

So this is all about the do’s and don’ts of group discussion. As we have discussed about the things to be done and things not to be done during group discussion. Some important points to improve the skills. Read carefully and prepare well for your group discussion round hope the following information will help you a lot with the group discussion. For any queries you can comment below and we will try to help you out as soon as possible.

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