Important MBA Entrance Exam other than CAT Exam

CAT Exam is not the only hope for students planning to do MBA. There are other important exams as well.  For all of those people, here is the list of important exam and Eckovation group code of all those exams. 1. XAT Exam: For Management Studies, XAT is the second famous exam which you should write. XLRI graduates have developed the enter group which you can join and learn the art of passing this exam. For interested students, here you have the detail: Group Code of Eckovation App: 246713. For the discussion group of NMAT, join group…

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Rules for Finding and Fixing Errors in Parallel Structure – Verbal Ability for CAT

Understand the problem. For a list of actions or items, you must maintain parallel structure. To do this, use equal grammatical units. If the first item is a noun, then the following items must also be nouns; if the first item is a verb, then make the other items verbs as well. Nonparallel structure looks like this: At the garden store, Larissa bought , , and . At the garden store, Larissa bought pink plastic flamingos, ceramic gnomes, and then she impulsively added a concrete mermaid to her cart. Parallel structure,…

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