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Simple and Compound Interest: CAT Preparation Admission CAT Concepts Courses IIM MBA Uncategorized 

Simple and Compound Interest: CAT Preparation

Simple and Compound Interest in daily life : Simple and Compound Interest is a very challenging topic but we somehow use it in our daily life. If you have a savings account with a bank and deposit some money, the bank will pay you extra money for saving with them. Similarly, if you need to borrow money from a bank the bank will expect you to pay back more than you borrowed from them in the first place! How much extra depends on the interest rate set by the bank. Banks make…

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Family tree relationships, Blood relations problems CAT Concepts Courses IIM MAT MBA Practice Paper XAT 

Family tree relationships, Blood relations problems

                       Family tree relationships problems In the following article we will learn about the family tree relationships and the concept of family tree relationships based on coded symbols CAT aspirants can visit here for more such articles. Generally, in every competitive exam you may find family tree relationships  and blood relation  type problems. These types of problems test your understanding potential in given time. Here we will explain how to solve blood relation questions with easy & simple trick. Some…

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Best Test Series Program for CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and IIFT CAT IIM MBA SNAP XAT 

Best Test Series Program for CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and IIFT

In all MBA entrance exam, to crack it with best score, role of Test Series Program is very important. The ideal test series program of CAT, XAT and other entrance exam just not involve the Mock Tests, but also involve good topic level questions. Along with the tests, analytics should also be focused and detailed to give feedback on exact gaps in preparation. With all these important element, Eckovations’s Test Series Program for CAT and Non-CAT exam is designed by team of 18 experts. Important highlight of Test Series Program…

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Paramount vs Tantamount CAT Concepts Courses Format IIM MBA 

Paramount vs Tantamount

Paramount vs Tantamount In this article we we learn about the difference in paramount and tantamount . Learning the concepts for CAT aspirants and knowining paramount vs tantamount for more such articles please visit here What’s the difference paramount vs tantamount? The distinction is of paramount importance; it’s tantamount to being right or wrong. PARAMOUNT, from the Anglo-French word Paramount, derived from the Latin phrase per and montem, literally translated as “up the mountain,” means “supreme.” It’s also used (rarely) as a noun to refer to a supreme ruler. TANTAMOUNT…

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How to Prepare for Verbal Section – CAT 2018 CAT IIM Verbal Ability 

How to Prepare for Verbal Section – CAT 2018

VERBAL ABILITY AND READING COMPREHENSION The section that is considered to be the most dreaded one in CAT Exam is Verbal ABILITY AND READING COMPREHENSION or VA-RC. Usually people step back even before having an idea about what this section is really about. So, let’s have an elaborated discussion about VA-RC so that you can see the desired sectional percentile in your CAT 2018 Scorecard. Right from 2015 when IIM Ahmedabad reintroduced CAT exam pattern, the Verbal Ability has been placed as the first section CAT Exam. It consists of 24…

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Everybody is looking to get admission in the TOP MBA College but are worried about their performance on the D-DAY. “Will I get the call from the HOLY TRINITY OF ABC?” is the question that haunts each one of us alike. We bring a short list of the best MBA colleges other than IIM. There are a lot of great MBA colleges other than IIMs However, It would be prudent of them to not put all their eggs in one basket. Apart from IIMs there are other top notch colleges in India that…

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Importance of Solving Mock Tests in Cracking CAT Exam CAT IIM XAT 

Importance of Solving Mock Tests in Cracking CAT Exam

The CAT Test Series has a very important role in ensuring good percentile in CAT Exam. Along with the test series, if a candidate is provided with quality analysis, solution and mentorship from experts then, through dedication and hard-work, the candidate can get 98+ percentile in CAT. In Eckovation’s Test series program, you are going to get all of these things. CAT Exam: Game of Speed and Accuracy Not all are aware that CAT Exam is more about speed and accuracy and less about difficulty of questions. Because of this lack of information, sometimes students tend…

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CAT 2018 – 8 Tips to score 98+ percentile in LR/DI CAT IIM MBA 

CAT 2018 – 8 Tips to score 98+ percentile in LR/DI

  With just 6 months to go for CAT 2018, here is a guide on how you should prepare along with tips and tricks to get 98+ percentile in the LR + DI section Preparation: 1. Mocks: In every mock, always aim to solve at least 50% of the test in the stipulated time. This allows you to give ample amount of time for each set and improve ac Higher accuracy is better if you aim to solve around 20/32 questions. 2. Fixing approach for different types of questions: There is a…

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Prepare for CAT 2018 in less than 6 months CAT Courses IIM MBA Practice Paper XAT 

Prepare for CAT 2018 in less than 6 months

The date for CAT 2018 has been released (25thNovember) which leaves exactly 6 months for the D-day. There is no better time to start your test preparation than now. Here is a comprehensive guide on how you should Prepare for CAT in less than 6 months The very first step is to divide the three sections and put emphasis on each one according to your comfortability with the section Part 1: Logical Reasoning + Data Interpretation Instead of putting raw data to solve a problem, be sure to organise the data…

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Top 10 MBA Colleges of 2018: NIRF Ranking CAT IIM MBA 

Top 10 MBA Colleges of 2018: NIRF Ranking

Union Human Resource Development Minister Prakash Javadekar released the India Rankings 2018 of National Institutional Ranking Framework – NIRF in New Delhi, Vigyan Bhawan. This year, rankings will be announced under nine categories – Overall, Universities, Engineering, Colleges, Management, Pharmacy, Medical, Architecture, and Law. The ranking is done on the basis of teaching, learning and resources, research and professional practices, graduation outcomes, outreach and inclusivity, and perception. Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad was adjudged the best business school followed by IIM-Bangalore, IIM-Calcutta and IIM-Lucknow in the government’s 2018 national…

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