CAT MBA Verbal Ability 

CAT Verbal Strategy: How to Score above 99 percentile

Please follow the below mentioned principles:
i) RCs have taken the highest weightage in Verbal Section in the current scenario – so, your strategy should be to READ READ & READ – read newspapers daily for atleast 2 hours.


ii) Verbal preparation is very different from Quant preparation – In verbal, you would feel like attempting all questions. But in verbal, accuracy is usually also the lowest. So, while speed is important in Verbal as in other sections, but there should be additional attention to be put in every question to avoid silly mistakes.

iii) Verbal is not clearly segregated into topics as is the case with Quant, so the preparation is not as structured. You need to make the activity of newspaper reading a daily affair without thinking about immediate rewards; rewards will automatically come.

iv) Speed reading should not be practised in Verbal section, especially in RCs. This is the source of all silly mistakes.

v) In Verbal section, it is your reading ability which is tested. So, your speed of reading the passage or your enormous breadth of vocabulary won’t matter much if you are unable to clearly related to the ideas presented in the paragraph. To avoid silly mistakes, read every passage with a purpose of clarity. Otherwise, you’ll inadvertently make a lot of incorrect attempts.

vi) The options in Verbal are going to be very close making the process of differentiating the correct one difficult. So, always read the options closely.

vii) Preferably read The Economic Times, and especially its editorial/opinion section.
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