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CAT question and answers

CAT question and answers

In this section we will learn about important CAT question and answers are mostly asked in cat exams. These CAT question and answers are important for all the CAT aspirants preparing for the exam.

Syllabus and topics for CAT exam are as followed:-

Quantitative Aptitude


  1. 6 different sweet varieties of count 32, 216, 136, 88, 184, 120 were ordered for a particular occasion. They need to be packed in such a way that each box has the same variety of sweet and the number of sweets in each box is also the same. What is the minimum number of boxes required to pack?






If a three digit number ‘abc’ has 3 factors, how many factors does the 6-digit number ‘abcabc’ have?

  1. 16 factors
  2. 24 factors
  3. 16 or 24 factors
  4. 20 factors


   The integers 573921 and 575713 when divided by a 3 digit number leave the same remainder. What is that 3 digit number?

  1. 206
  2. 256
  3. 274
  4. 189


  Let K be the largest number with exactly 3 factors that divide 25! How many factors does (k – 1) have?

  1. 16
  2. 12
  3. 9
  4. 14


  [x] is the greatest integer less than or equal to x. Find the number of positive integers n such that [n11]=[n13].

  1. 31
  2. 25
  3. 35
  4. 40


1 unit of x% alcohol is mixed with 3 units of y% alcohol to give 60% alcohol. If x > y, how many integer values can x take?

  1. 19
  2. 2
  3. 21
  4. 13


On a certain sum of money, compound interest earned at the end of three years = Rs. 1456. Compound interest at the end of two years is Rs. 880. Compute the principal invested.

  1. Rs. 2,400
  2. Rs. 2,800
  3. Rs. 2,000
  4. Rs. 1,600


In a hurry? Have a go at these problems before you leave!! Maybe we could help you calculate how late you are going to be ….


log3x3log3x5 < 0. If a, b are integers such that x = a, and x = b satisfy this inequation, find the maximum possible value of a – b.

  1. 214
  2. 216
  3. 200
  4. 203


A mining team made a plan to mine up to 300 m in a certain number of days. After working as per plan for 5 days, they added new members to the team and hence could mine 5 m more per day. In this way, 4 days before the planned date, they had mined 295 m. How many meters of mining was initially planned for each day?

  1. 30 m
  2. 12.5 m
  3. 15 m
  4. 7.5 m


Set Fn gives all factors of n. Set Mn gives all multiples of n less than 1000. Which of the following statements is/are true?

i. F108F84=F12
ii. M12M18=M36
iii. M12M18=M36
iv. M12(M6M4)

  1. i, ii and iii only
  2. i, iii and iv only
  3. i and iii only
  4. All statements are true


ABCDE is a regular pentagon. O is a point inside the pentagon such that AOB is an equilateral triangle. What is ∠OEA?

  1. 66°
  2. 48°
  3. 54°
  4. 72°


Region Q is defined by the equation 2x + y < 40. How many points (r, s) exist such that r is a natural number and s is a multiple of r?

  1. 84
  2. 92
  3. 105
  4. 72

    PQRS is a square of sides 2 cm & ST = 2 cm. Also, PT=RT. What is the area of ∆PST?

    1. 2 cm2
    2. √3 cm2
    3. √2 cm2
    4. 1/√2 


A man standing on top of a tower sees a car coming towards the tower. If it takes 20 minutes for the angle of depression to change from 30° to 60°, what is the time remaining for the car to reach the tower?

  1. 20√3 minutes
  2. 10 minutes
  3. 10√3 minutes
  4. 5 minutes


Let x3– x2 + bx + c = 0 has 3 real roots which are in A.P. which of the following could be true

  1. b=2,c=2
  2. b=1,c=1
  3. b= -1,c = 1
  4. b= -1,c= -1


If f(x)=1g(x), then which of the following is correct?

  1. f(f(g(g(f(x))))) = g(f(g(g(g(x)))))
  2. f(f(f(g(g(g(f(g(x)))))))) = g(g(g(g(f(g(f(f(x))))))))
  3. f(f(g(f(x)))) = g(g(f(g(x))))
  4. f(g(f(f(g(f(g(g(x)))))))) = g(g(g(g(f(f(f(f(x))))))))


Solve the inequality: x3 – 5x2 + 8x – 4 > 0.

  1. (2, ∞)
  2. ((1, 2) ∪ (2, ∞)
  3. (-∞, 1) ∪ (2, ∞)
  4. (-∞, 1)



Polynomials is a simple topic which involves a lot of basic ideas. Make sure you know the basics.

How many pairs of integer (a, b) are possible such that a2 – b2 = 288?

  1. 6
  2. 12
  3. 24
  4. 48


Consider a, b, c in a G.P. such that |a + b + c| = 15. The median of these three terms is a, and b = 10. If a > c, what is the product of the first 4 terms of this G.P.?

  1. 40000
  2. 32000
  3. 8000
  4. 48000


Sum of three Natural numbers a, b and c is 10. How many ordered triplets (a, b, c) exist?

  1. 45
  2. 36
  3. 54
  4. 28


What is n? Statement 1: n > 10
Statement 2: n < 12

  1. A
  2. B
  3. C
  4. D
  5. E

Verbal Ability



A. But that would require a tough look at the economy, at the dearth of productivity, and at how it might be possible to restore conditions of growth. It would require serious investment, risk-taking, and nerve.

B. If those currently carping about the tax affairs of the rich really did care about raising tax revenues, they would concentrate on raising the volume of wealth that can be taxed.

C. The problem with the eagerness to recast economic problems, from a failure to cut the deficit to the continued inability to restore conditions of growth, as a moral issue and an erring on the part of selfish individuals who just aren’t giving enough back, leaves the real problems untouched.

D. These are not qualities today’s political class have in abundance. So, instead, they continue to project blame, singling out individuals for moral censure in the hope that they will increase their payments to the state.

  1. BCAD
  2. CBAD
  3. BACD
  4. CABD


One of the problems that occur as a result of coal mining is the increasing incidences of lung cancer.

  1. that occurs as a result of coal mining are the increasing incidences
  2. that occurs as a result of coal mining is the increasing incidence
  3. that occur as a result of coal mining are the increasing incidences
  4. that occur as a result of coal mining is the increasing incidence




Where you get to choose how the movie ends; or how it should end!


Questions from Reading Comprehension that test your reading ability.


It’s time to read between the sentences… think between them rather!


Word Usage questions often appear in the CAT. Questions from the topic for Practice.


Questions from Para Summary.


Text Completion questions often feature in the CAT. Take a look at these for practice.

DI and LR


In 2002, the growth rate of the overall sector was 39%, what was the growth rate seen by SCT?

  1. 50%
  2. 75%
  3. 30%
  4. 40%

In 2004, the entire industry added $4bn, of which an increase of $1bn was contributed by COGN, what was the growth rate seen by the entire sector in 2004?

  1. 20%
  2. 34%
  3. 52%
  4. Cannot be determined



What was the profit margin for company B?

  1. 12.33%
  2. 8.33%
  3. 11.11%
  4. 12.5%


How much profit did company E make?

  1. Rs. 40 Crores
  2. Rs. 35 Crores
  3. Rs. 50 Crores
  4. Rs. 60 Crores

What was the profit margin for company B?

  1. 12.33%
  2. 8.33%
  3. 11.11%
  4. 12.5%


Multiple Graphs questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.



Five students, P, Q, R, S and T stand in a line in some order and receive cookies and biscuits to eat. No student gets the same number of cookies or biscuits. The person first in the queue gets the least number of cookies. Number of cookies or biscuits received by each student is a natural number from 1 to 9 with each number appearing at least once.

The total number of cookies is two more than the total number of biscuits distributed. R who was in the middle of the line received more goodies (cookies and biscuits put together) than everyone else. T receives 8 more cookies than biscuits. The person who is last in the queue received 10 items in all, while P receives only half as many totally. Q is after P but before S in the queue. Number of cookies Q receives is equal to the number of biscuits P receives. Q receives one more good than S and one less than R. Person second in the queue receives an odd number of biscuits and an odd number of cookies.

  1. Who was 4th in the queue?

  2. How many cookies did Q get?

  3. If we know that S received more cookies than biscuits, then how many cookies did R receive?
  4. If R received fewer cookies than S, how many cookies did S receive?


Line Graphs questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.


Sequencing questions often feature in the CAT.Questions from this topic for practice.


If you remove the two squares on opposite ends of a diagonal on a chess board, is it impossible to fill the remaining 62 squares with dominoes?


There is only one natural number whose successor is a perfect cube and predecessor is a perfect square. Find it.


350 million Rubiks cubes have been sold thus far. That’s staggering. Buy one and have a good look at it.


Did you know that number of spirals in the heads of Sunflowers is either 21 and 34, or 34 and 55.Do you know what is special about these numbers?

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