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CAT Exam: Quick Weekend Quiz

Weekend quiz is for boosting your confidence and giving you the feedback of your preparation. These are 3 questions to test your prior knowledge of Quant (Topic Average and Geometry). Take your time and solve is correctly.

Average weight of the class: Consider a class of 40 students whose average weight is 40 kgs. m new students join this class whose average weight is n kgs. If it is known that m + n = 50, what is the maximum possible average weight of the class now?

Capacity of the vessel: A vessel is full of a mixture of methanol and ethanol in which there is 20% ethanol. 10 litres of mixture are drawn off and filled with methanol. If the ethanol is now 15%, what is the capacity of the vessel?

Triangles: △ABC has integer sides x, y, z such that xz = 12. How many such triangles are possible?

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