CAT Super 50 Weekly Plans 

CAT Exam: Preparation Plan of Week 3 of Eckovation Program

Guys, Week 3 is very critical to all of us, we need to create a habit of learning and for the same we need to focus on allocating 60 mins to 90 mins of our time and complete the assignment.

We are going to give you reading assignment and followed by questions of each topic. What you have to do is the following things:

  1. Pick the Topic and read the notes
  2. Solve the practice problem given at the end
  3. Go to Eckovation App and to the learning group and solve topic test.

Week 3 Assignment for CAT Exam of Eckovation

From Quant

  1. Reading Assignment and Practice Problem of Averages: Click Here
  2. Reading Assignment and Practice Problem of Percentages: Click Here
  3. Reading Assignment and Practice Problem of Profit and loss: Click Here

Each reading and practice problem will take tentative of 60 mins. The Practice paper is uploaded in the quiz tab of the CAT 2017 Group.

Most important point, while reading and solving problems, please make a proper notes which will help you in revising the topic later.

From Verbal

  1. Video lessons are now live, so watch the lessons and keep on attempting RC.
  2. Solve 3 RC at least in a week is compulsory. ( Attempt this from CAT 2017 Group)
  3. 6 Verbal section tests : The Practice paper is uploaded in the quiz tab of the CAT 2017 Group.

From  DI LR

This is tricky so we have to handle carefully. Videos of DI/LR is live too, please go ahead and start watching the videos.

  1. Solve 1 DL one day and next day 1 LR and alternatively do that (Week target 3 DI and 3 LR).             ( Attempt this from CAT Test Series Group, 819367)
  2. Tricks to solve the things are uploaded in Subscribed Groups, so keep refer the videos.

Most importantly, actively participate in discussion, keep asking your doubts.

Complete the assignments because all you know what we are targeting. We are targeting this:


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