CAT MBA Super 50 Weekly Plans 


With Week 9 of Super 50 Program coming to an end, we have covered all topics of Quant section. With other sections of CAT exams, the division of topics is not as clear cut as Quant but there are certain types of questions which are repeated every year in CAT and if you were to practice these diverse questions before the actual exam, half the battle is won already.


From Week 10 onwards, the focus of Super 50 Program will be more on following the dictum “Practice makes a man perfect”. Basic analytics present in the App itself will let you know your performance in each test compared to the other candidates and thus help you assess your weak areas.


But just knowing that you are weak in Logical Reasoning or Data Interpretation is not actionable enough to work upon, as questions in each section are quite heterogenous. With the use of advanced analytics, we’ll keep a track of your performance in different varieties of questions and give you a clearer picture of where you currently stand and which strategy direction you should follow.


Week 10 will act as a buffer week helping us transition from an approach of learning to an approach of practising/improving.


Tasks for this week are as follows:

i) Make sure that you go through all the short notes of Quant section shared till Week 9 Preparation Plan. Also, watch Quant Topic Videos if you don’t understand the topic at all. But don’t focus on mastering a Quant topic as after a certain point, your efforts will become redundant. CAT exam is about being above average in all sections and not excellent in some topics.

ii) Attempt Tests 1 and 2 of Verbal, Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning sections in your individual paid Super 50 groups. Deadline: Tuesday (July 25, 2017). We’ll share the first assessment with you all through mail.


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