CAT Exam: Last Minute Preparation Strategy

With CAT examination 2015 just a week away, all the MBA aspirants must be working day and night. Usually the CAT exam, tests aspirants on 3 sections- Quantitative Ability (QA ) and Verbal Reading & Comprehension (VRC). The sectional time limit is of 60 minutes. Since each section is time bound, one cannot switch over to other section randomly.

Here are some quick analyses on few things which will be helpful before the final countdown begins.

1. Time management
Focus on time management as you have to manage aggressive time limit. The questions asked in CAT examinations are easy but with limited time, chances of answering wrong are more. You need to solve maximum problems. Develop speed and accuracy as you have to meet the sectional cut off and get a decent overall score.

2. Know your strength and weakness
Analyze your strength and weakness as they help you know your study status. Final week is not a good time to build up new skills, hence concentrate more on sections you are better at so that you can manage to solve maximum questions.

3. Strategy
Plan your preparations for the final week. Managing time with speed and accuracy is the major arena that should be managed efficiently.

  • Take online mock tests
    By taking online tests, it will you to get familiarized with the pattern and with an onscreen timer, you can solve questions within stipulated time. It will give you an overview of your strengths and weakness, ability to manage time, accuracy and speed.


  • Solve previous years’ question papers
    By solving previous years ‘papers, you are likely to get a clear idea of the type of questions asked. It helps you to know the level of your studies.
  • Agility

You get less than 2 minutes to read-analyze-solve a question. Thus, you must be faster with your reading and analyzing ability to get a faster answer. Do not spend more than 2 minutes on a question because the time wasted on a single question can be utilized on solving other questions, for which you may know the correct solution.

4. Think out of the box
There are a few questions, which do not need solving but needs simple logic. Try the ‘Probability rule’ where in cancel out the obvious wrong answers. This helps you to avoid wasting of time. All you need is common sense.

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