CAT 2018: Prepare in Virat Kohli Style for CAT Exam to get 98+ Percentile

Virat Kohli needs no introduction. Champion cricketer, entrepreneur, a marketer’s wet dream, good looking, charming, he’s got it all. To top it, he’s just been accorded the Padma Shri.

His approach can help you in cracking CAT Exam, which also choose the smartest of all. Let’s explore and see how the learning of Kholi can be used in CAT Preparation.

In CAT Super 50 Program we are actually focusing on 9 Important elements which matches with Indian Cricket Captain’s strategies too.

Here are 9 of those:

1. Hard Work

“Hard work trumps talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

Virat Kohli was never the most gifted batsman. He was good, but not awe-inspiring. However, with sheer hard work, dedication and a single-point focus, he has become the best batsman of his generation. And he is only further improving with each passing year.

The same should be the approach while studying for CAT Syllabus, identifying the weakest zone and doing Hard Work to get best score.

2. Discipline

For Virat Kohli, hard work is not a one-time effort. It is a way of life. Hard work will get you to the top, but to sustain yourself you need discipline. Otherwise life and your competitors will catch up with you.

2 Lakh aspirants are in CAT exam, our target is older IIMs and for that you have to be in top 500, for that the Discipline is needed. Giving 1 Hour on daily basis to the module of super 50, reading articles, doing analysis and then making sure of giving everything to the dream.

The way, over the years he completely transformed his diet and fitness regimen to become one of fittest and most disciplined athlete, not just in India but in the entire world.  Easier said than done, especially when you are lapped in luxury like Virat Kohli. Similar to that, we have to be in discipline for CAT preparation which will further help you in MBA Schools.

3. Time Management

Everybody has 24 hours, but what makes the difference is what and how we do with that time. To get as much done as Virat does, time management is an indispensable skill. To play for India in all three formats, then the IPL, co-owning the FC Goa team in ISL, running multiple businesses, media appearances, and endorsements truly requires one to value his limited time.

If you aspire to be as successful as Virat Kohli, you better start making good use of your time. This is the key to crack any competitive exam including CAT.

4. Passion

“Love what you do, and you’ll do well in it”

Successful people win because they love what they do. They have a strong desire to succeed for their happiness is attached to it and not the monetary rewards that may ensue.

Although passion is a much-abused term these days, Virat Kohli carries a genuine passion for cricket. He wants to better himself each successive time and is willing to give his 200% to the cause.

MBA is our passion and we have to perform for that.

5. Leadership

A good leader leads by setting an example for the rest. Virat Kohli has always done that. Given the toughest of situations, he is the first one to put his hand up and rise to the occasion. Remember his first test match as captain in Australia? He went for the win despite knowing a draw is possible on the 5th day.

His energy is infectious. He motivates his bowlers to give their all. And he’s always got their back. Always remembering to acknowledge the contribution of the entire team.

Life like cricket requires team work. And we can sure learn a thing or two from Virat on leadership. The skill is important in general in life which will be useful not just in CAT written test but in PI as well.

6. Fitness

When one thinks of cricket, one not necessarily thinks of chiseled athletes, with superhuman stamina and core strength. Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo. Virat Kohli changed all of that.

People always loose this while preparing for competitive exam and suffer. This is one important key to perform well.

7. Commitment / Dedication

Virat lost his father when he was only 18 years old. Despite such a huge personal loss, he went on to play a match saving innings for Delhi the very next day. This is the level of commitment and dedication he showed towards his profession at such a young age.

Commitment and dedication towards your craft – whatever it may be – will invariably reward you in the long run.

8. Handling Pressure

It is impossible to capture in words the amount of pressure people like Virat Kohli (or Sachin Tendulkar before him) face almost on a daily basis.

A billion+ people expecting you to score and win the match for your country. Failure is just not an option. Add to it the constant media pressure and living up to the responsibilities that come with being a celebrity in a passionate country like India.

Virat handles pressure like no one can. On numerous occasions he has won India matches which seemed lost at one point, only because he kept his cool under pressure. How we all wish we could keep our sh*t together when life (or our boss) throws curved balls at us.

For CAT Exam, pressure of cracking it is on every aspirants, people who can handle will win at the end.

9. Attitude

“It is hard to be humble when you are that good” – Muhammad Ali

Virat knows this and is not afraid to wear his attitude on his sleeve – the attitude of never giving up, not getting over-awed by the enormity of the task at hand. Something Sir Viv Richards used to do in his hey days. In a dog-eats-dog world it is important to mark your territory and stake your claim as the boss.

So, Dream, Act and Acheive.

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