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CAT 2018 – 8 Tips to score 98+ percentile in LR/DI


With just 6 months to go for CAT 2018, here is a guide on how you should prepare along with tips and tricks to get 98+ percentile in the LR + DI section


1. Mocks: In every mock, always aim to solve at least 50% of the test in the stipulated time. This allows you to give ample amount of time for each set and improve ac Higher accuracy is better if you aim to solve around 20/32 questions.

2Fixing approach for different types of questions: There is a limit to the sets that can be made. Exposure to variety, traps, and fixed approaches to problems will help you do well in the section. Also, focus on the thought process. When you see a set, if by the end of first reading, if you know what you are supposed to do, you’re already ahead of a lot of people.

3. Practice: Along with your preparation for QA and VA, be sure to devote at least 1-1.5 hours and solve 2 sets of LR and DI each. Be sure to experiment with different approaches to discover the one that suits you the best.

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Tips and Tricks:

1. Quick Calculations and approximations– This is specifically true for DI section. Be sure to do as much as mental calculations as possible and memorize things like squares, cubes, roots, fractions and percentage conversions. You can use approximations up to 1% in your calculations as the options in CAT are general varied by at least 3%. For ex, you can use 3 instead of 3.453 to speed up calculations.

2. Focus on keywords: There are a few keywords that can completely change the meaning of a statement. Some words that should be paid attention to are: all, some, none, other than, only, unless, if and only if, and some prefixes like non-, un-, dis- etc

3. Diagrammatical Approach:

You should organise the information in a systematic manner by using tables, symbols and diagrams. This minimises the work involved and helps you solve a different set of questions based on one main problem. The symbols used should be such that they convey the proper meaning to you as given in the question

4. Don’t get stuck in a Question: It is quite possible that while scanning, you choose a data set that looked simpler, but while solving, it turned out to be tough or highly calculation-intensive. You should detach yourself from the data set as soon as you find it very tough or time-consuming, even if you have invested time in it.

5. Use Options – Be sure to look at the options before you start solving the questions. It will help you eliminate some of the variables which are not a part of the options and, more often than not, includes clues which will help you solve the answer in less duration

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