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CAT FAQs 2017

The CAT FAQs can be divided into 4 parts, which are as follows –

  • Registration
  • Category Selection
  • Exam Format
  • Person with Disability

Each section will have answers to every question that are commonly asked by the candidates. Check the details given below to clear all the doubts regarding Common Admission Test 2017.

CAT FAQs – Sectional Details

As mentioned above, the FAQs for CAT can be divided how-to-fill-cat-online-application-form/#into four sections. Each section has a various number of questions and answers against them. These questions are the common problems and confusions faced by the candidates. Check out the CAT FAQs below.


Q1. Who is eligible for CAT 2017?

Ans. To be eligible of CAT 2017, the candidates must have the following eligibility criteria –

  • A Bachelor’s Degree with minimum aggregate marks of 50% or equivalent CGPA (SC/ST/PWD: 45%) from any recognized University.
  • Candidates appearing in the final year of their qualifying examination are also eligible to apply.
  • Holding an equivalent degree recognized by the HRD Ministry, Government of India.

In the case of grades/CGPA, the percentage will be calculated according to the procedure certified by the respective University/Institution. If any University/Institute has no scheme of converting CGPA into marks, then the aggregate marks will be compiled by dividing the candidate’s CGPA by the maximum possible CGPA, and multiplying the result with 100.

The candidates are also required to maintain the following things –

  1. A valid email ID and phone number.
  2. CAT User ID (provided after successful registration)

Q2. I will be appearing for the Final year of my Bachelor‘s Degree. What marks should I enter in the Application Form?

Ans. For the candidates appearing for their final year of the qualifying exam must enter their last marks statement received from the University.

Q3. Can I appear for CAT for practice even if I am not eligible?

Ans. No, the eligibility criteria must be fulfilled in order to appear for CAT. Appearance in the CAT will be considered as an attempt.

Q4. What is the age limit to appear for CAT 2017?

Ans. There is no age-limit to take the CAT exam.

Q5. How much is the CAT exam fee? And where can I pay the fee?

Ans. The fee for the CAT 2017 exam is Rs. 1800 for General/ NC-OBC and Rs. 900 for ST/SC/PWD categories. Candidate applying for CAT can pay the fee via online mode (net banking/credit card/debit card) during the online registration.

Q6. When and how do I register for CAT 2017?

Ans. The candidates can register for CAT 2017 from August 09, 2017 from the official website of CAT. Before registering for CAT, the candidates can read the instructions and watch the registration video given on the CAT website

Q7. Can I use someone else’s email address?

Ans. No, the candidates must have their own valid email address. The registered email address will be used for all the correspondence pertaining to CAT 2017 and information during the selection stages of the selected IIMs.

Q8. When will CAT 2017 be held? Can I choose an exam date?

Ans. Common Admission Test 2017 will be conducted on November 26, 2017 (Sunday). The exam will be conducted in two sessions. No, you cannot choose the exam date.

Q9. Where will the list of exam centres available?

Ans. The list of CAT exam centres will be uploaded on the official website of the exam from the 3rd week of October 2017.

Q10. When will the CAT 2017 Admit Card be issued?

Ans. On, October 18, 2017, from 1.00 pm onwards, the admit card for CAT will be available online. Links to download the admit card will be hosted on Entrance Corner. Only the candidates, who have successfully submitted their application will be issued the CAT admit card.

Q11. What details will the CAT admit card furnish?

Ans. The CAT Admit Card will furnish the candidate’s name, User ID/Registration Number/PWD Status.

Q12. Do the candidates under Person with Disability category get any special provision?

Ans. Yes, the PWD candidates do get special provision.

Q13. What are the time slots of CAT 2017 exam?

Ans. CAT will be held on November 26 in two sessions, which are the forenoon and afternoon session. Depending on the test centre availability and city preference, the candidates will be allotted a session.

Q14. Can I appear for more than one slot for CAT 2017?

Ans. No, you can appear for only one slot.

Q15. While entering the details in CAT registration, I have made a mistake(s). What should I do now?

Ans. Details such as Name, Date of Birth, email ID, mobile number cannot be edited after registration. Here the candidates are required to register again with a new email ID. However, if the candidates have made mistakes pass percentage, work experience, selection of programmes, etc. then, they can modify their details in the limited time window provided after the completion of registration date.

Q16. When can I contact the Candidate Helpdesk?

Ans. The candidates can contact the CAT Candidate Helpdesk via phone, Monday to Saturday from 9.00 AM to 6.00 PM. Helpdesk contact info –

  • Toll free – 18002663549
  • Email –

Q17. If I do not get my admit card, whom should I contact?

Ans. The admit card will be available from October 18, 2017, on the official website. If the candidates are unable to obtain the CAT admit card, then contact the Helpdesk.

Q18. If I am unable to access the CAT website, what should I do?

Ans. If the CAT website is not accessible, then close the Internet browser, delete browsing history. The recommended browsers for CAT 2017 are – Internet Explorer: Version 7 – 11, Mozilla Firefox: Version 14 -47 and Google Chrome: Version 20 – 52.

Q19. I have not done my graduation, but I am in the final year of a professional course. Can I apply for CAT 2017?

Ans. No, you cannot apply.

Q20. I have a complete my graduation in May-June 2017 but I have a backlog. Can I apply for CAT 2017?

Ans. Yes, you can apply for CAT 2017. But the candidate must select the Yes to “Are you in a final year of Bachelor Degree” question.

Q21 (A). I have done 5-years integrated course of B.Tech and MBA. As per my university norms first 3.5 years is considered to be B.Tech and remaining 1.5 years is considered to be MBA. How do I enter my marks?

Ans. According to your University norms, enter the first 3.5 years aggregate percentage under a Bachelor’s degree and remaining 1.5 under Master’s Degree.

Q21 (B). I have completed 5-year dual degree course (BTech+MTech, BS+MS, BTech+MSc etc.). How do I enter my marks for a bachelor degree?

Ans. According to your University norms, enter the Graduation marks under the Bachelor’s Degree section and the Postgraduate marks under the Master Degree section.

Q21 (C). I have completed dual Bachelors’ degree courses (BCom+LLB, BPharm+BTech etc.). How do I enter my marks for two Bachelor degrees?

Ans. There is an option in the CAT application form that indicates dual Bachelor’s degree. In this section, the candidates can enter their dual Bachelor’s degree course marks.

Q22 (A). I have an ST/SC certificate according to the uploaded format on the CAT website. Do I need to download the certificate template from the website and fill it or can I use my certificate?

Ans. If your ST/SC certificate meets the following conditions, then you can upload your certificate –

  • The certificate must be issued by a competent authority.
  • The candidate’s caste and caste number must appear on the certificate.
  • The Ministry order/resolution number must be visible.
  • The certificate should be in English or Hindi.

Q22(B). What is the validity of NC-OBC Certificate and who issues them?

Ans. For complete details on NC-OBC category, please visit

Q23. After graduation, I have change my name. Which name should I enter in the application form?

Ans. Enter the changed name and do produce the documents supporting the change of name.

Q24. What will appear after registration?

Ans. Once the registration process is completed successfully, use the system generated User ID and Password to log in. after logging in, the candidates can access the application form.

Q25. If I have lost or never received my password via SMS, then what should I do?

Ans. Click on the Forgot Password option on the Existing User login. Follow the steps and the new password will be sent to your registered email address.

Category Selection

Q1. What are the categories under which a candidate can apply?

Ans. There are 4 categories under which a candidate can apply, they are –

  • General
  • Scheduled Caste (ST)
  • Scheduled Tribe (SC)
  • Non-Creamy Other Backward Classes (NC-OBC)

Q2. Do I belong to NC-OBC Category?

Ans. To know about the status of candidates belonging to OBC category that they belong to Non-Creamy or not, check

Exam Format

Q1. Is the CAT an online exam?

Ans. No, the CAT is not an online exam. CAT 2017 is a digital or Computer Based Test (CBT). Here, the candidates will read the CAT questions on a terminal computer and answer by clicking the correct option.

Q2. What is the difference between the Computer-Based format and Pen-paper Based Format?

Ans. The Computer-based format is where the candidates read the questions on a computer terminal and click on the correct answer.

In the Pen-Paper based format, the candidates will be provided with a paper booklet and they are required to use a pencil or pen and darken the ovals against the correct answers.

Q3. Can I take the exam from any computer?

Ans. No, the exam authorities will provide computers to the candidates in the exam hall.

Q4. How to know more about the CBT?

Ans. For more details on the CBT, check out the CAT Practice tests and the CAT mock test (to be available in the month of October).

Q5. What are the sections in CAT 2017?

Ans. There are three sections in the CAT 2017 question paper –

  • Section I – Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension
  • Section II – Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
  • Section III – Quantitative Ability.

Q6. Can I Bring a calculator to the exam?

Ans. No, the candidates are not allowed to bring in any electronic devices to the exam centre. An on-screen calculator will be provided in the exam.

Q7. Are there any negative marks for non-MCQs?

Ans. No, there are no negative marks for non-MCQs.

Q8. Do the non-MCQs and MCQs carry equal scores?

Ans. Yes, all the questions carry equal marks.

Q9. Is there any specific order to complete the exam?

Ans. The candidates are required to write the answers in a pre-specified order. The candidates cannot switch the sections in between.

Q10. What is the syllabus for CAT? How should I prepare?

Ans. There is no fixed syllabus for CAT. However, candidates can check the various tips provided by experts or join a coaching Institute. Also, the candidates can also check the various CAT preparation tips available online.

Q11. What is the marking scheme for CAT? Is there any negative marking?

Ans. For every correct answer, the candidates will be awarded 3 marks. However, an incorrect answer will fetch -1 mark.

Person with Disability

Q1. What is the eligibility to take the test under the PWD category?

Ans. The IIMs strictly follow the reservation norms of the Government of India. To be eligible to appear for the test under PWD category, the candidates must suffer from the following listed disabilities –

  • Low vision/Blindness
  • Hearing Impairment
  • Locomotive Disability/Cerebral Palsy

The candidates must suffer from the above-mentioned disabilities, more than or equal to 40%, as certified by a competent medical authority.

Q2. What are Testing Assistive devices?

Ans. The testing Assistive devices or TA devices are the technical aids designed to directly enabled candidates to successfully perform a particular task.

Q3. What are the acceptable testing devices that the candidates can use or bring to the testing centre?

Ans. The acceptable testing devices that the candidates can bring into the test centre are –

Testing Device Applicable for To be arranged by
Abacus (without calculator) Visually Impaired Candidate
Hearing aid Hearing Impairment Candidate
Wheel Chair Locomotive Disability/Cerebral Palsy Test Centre
Magnifying Screen Visually impaired Test Centre (System in-built feature)
Scribe/Reader Visually impaired/Cerebral Palsy Candidate

Note: The candidates are required to make a request in the application form for the wheelchair and magnifying screen.

Q4. What privileges will the PWD candidates with Blindness or low vision/cerebral palsy receive on the day of the exam?

Ans. Apart from the testing devices, the candidates will also receive a time extension during the examination. For each section, the candidates will be given 20 minutes extra time i.e. an extra hour.

Q5. What are the eligibility criteria for the scribe/reader?

Ans. There are no particular eligibility criteria for the scribe/reader. However, on the day of the test, the candidates must bring a passport size photograph, identity proof and must sign a declaration about his/her education qualification.

Q6. Where can I fill the form for a scribe/reader?

Ans. There are no separate forms for a scribe or a reader. The candidates must indicate about the scribe/reader in the CAT 2017 Application Form. The candidates must arrange a scribe/reader by themselves.

Q7. Where can a PWD candidate register for CAT 2017?

Ans. Just like the other candidates, the PWD candidates are required to fill the application form.

Q8. Where and when should I send my PWD certificates?

Ans. While filling the application form for CAT, the candidates can upload the scanned copies of the PWD certificates.

Q9. What is the format for the PWD certificate? Do I need to download the certificate template from the CAT 2017 website?

Ans. If the certificates fulfill the following criteria, then the candidates can upload their certificate instead of downloading and filling the template certificate –

  • A competent authority must issue the certificate.
  • The certificate must furnish the photo (if applicable).
  • It should be as per the PWD act 1995 in force.
  • The language should be either in English or Hindi.

Hope this article on CAT FAQs 2017 will help the aspirants to clear all their doubts about CAT 2017. If there are any queries or questions regarding CAT, please comment below and do share this article to help other CAT aspirants.


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