CAT 2017: Online Preparation Program

Thing of the situation when the people who faced the competition and successfully achieved it and people who just missed it, the combine group start giving lessons of preparation then is that put a perfect case for you!

We are coming with the same. CAT 2017 Program, 11 IIM/FMS graduates along with other teaching experts are bringing a very special program for all of you. It’s called complete package and priced in a way that it should go to everyone. So let’s what we have in this complete package

Complete Package For CAT Exam:

  1. Regular Video Lessons (topic wise)
  2. One To One guidance
  3. Online test series:
    1. Topic tests of
      1. Quant
      2. Verbal
      3. DI/LR
    2. Mock Test Series
  4. Peer discussion (in special learning group for subscribers)
  5. Doubt Discussion (in special learning group for subscribers)


In CAT Test Series, the tests which will be available are:

  • 100 Test of Quant
  • 100 Test of Verbal
  • 100 Test of DILR
  • 30 Full Length Mock Test

What we are going to do in these learning groups:

  1. Focus on each and every important topics
  2. Completing the learning cycle by giving best concepts and practice paper.
  3. Doubt Discussion Session for all
  4. Topic wise tests to do close loop feedback on topics
  5. Peer learning for all the students

Process to Join the CAT 2017 Online Preparation Program

As a first step towards this complete the 2 step process as well:

1. Download Eckovation appClick Here
2. Join the group using CAT group code: 819367

Join Now! You can also use the web version of Eckovation: Click here

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