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Blood relations questions for CAT

Blood relations questions for CAT

 The logical reasoning section is considered as the most difficult section in CAT. But you  can solve some of the topics in this section very easily. Blood relations questions is one of them. You may have previously encountered questions based on blood relationship of husband wife or grandfather grandson. And perhaps you have skipped it because it seemed too difficult to understand.

 The good thing is blood relations questions can be solved in very less amount of time. You just have to be clear with the concepts required for solving the question. It is also an important topic in terms of your preparation. Generally 3-4 questions based on this topic comes in MBA entrance exams like CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT etc.  So you need to devote some effort for this part. So that you can improve your overall score in logical reasoning section.

First of all, you have to understand how Blood relations questions are presented in exams. You will be given some statements about how family members are related to each other. And then you will be asked about a particular member belongs to other member.

You must also be familiar with the statements that are used in questions. You can find these statements on previous years questions. A list of some of the commonly used blood relations statements are given below. Go through it if you have any doubts about how to understand the language of questions.

Some basic terms used in questions:

Mother’s sister (younger or elder) Aunt
Son’s wife Daughter-in-law
Daughter’s husband Son-in-law
Sister’s husband Brother-in-law
Husband’s brother or wife’s brother Brother-in-law
Brother’s wife Sister-in-law
Husband’s sister or wife’s sister Sister-in-law
Husband’s father or wife’s father Father-in-law
Husband’s mother or wife’s mother Mother-in-law
Brother’s son or sister’s son Nephew
Brother’s daughter or sister’s daughter Niece
Uncle’s daughter or aunt’s daughter Cousin
Uncle’s son or aunt’s son Cousin
Father’s father or mother’s father Grandfather
Children of same parents Siblings
Father’s/Mother’s only son/daughter Oneself
Son of father or mother Brother
Granddaughter of father/mother Daughter or Niece
Husband of daughter Son-in-law
Wife of brother/brother-in-law Sister-in-law
Wife of son Daughter-in-law
Son of son/Daughter Grand

Among these, blood relationship husband wife is very widely asked in questions. You always have to keep all these short-cuts words in your mind whenever you are attempting blood relations questions. it may seem too much now but you will be familiarized with these when you solve more and more questions.

Steps to solve questions:

Now we will look on how to tackle the questions. For all the questions you can follow this thought process to reach to the answers. Follow these three steps for solving the question:

  1.  The first and stage is to choose the two persons about whom the relationship is asked in the questions.
  2. Now once you have chosen the two persons, pin-point the intermediate relationship between two persons, i.e. such relationship through which long drawn relationship can be established between the required persons.
  3.  In the end, conclude the relationship between two required persons.


furthermore, it is more beneficial sometimes if you assign some signs about how two persons given in the questions are related. You can use any type of signs that you find comfortable. You just have to be clear and not to confuse yourself while solving the question. Here is an example on how you could use a sign for  blood relationships like husband wife etc.

Now that you are equipped with all the concepts and tricks for solving questions. We will take an example and see how to solve it.

Understand with examples

One of the most common type of questions that come in exams is in this format:

Pointing to a photograph, Shivam said, “She is the daughter of my grandfather’s only son.” How is Shivam related to the girl in the photograph ?
A. Father              C. Cousin                E. Grandson
B. Brother            D. Uncle
C. Cousin

Finally, if you  follow the thought process mentioned above, you will reach to the answer immediately.

Yes, the correct answer is B, BROTHER

The question states,  My grandfather’s only son – which means “My father”. So, the girl is the daughter of Shivam’s father i.e., Shivam is the girl`s brother.

You clearly understand that this topic is not tough. If you solve enough questions and make yourself comfortable with all the types of questions, then you can definitely score on blood relations questions very easily.

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