Best Test Series Program for CAT, XAT, SNAP, NMAT and IIFT

In all MBA entrance exam, to crack it with best score, role of Test Series Program is very important. The ideal test series program of CAT, XAT and other entrance exam just not involve the Mock Tests, but also involve good topic level questions. Along with the tests, analytics should also be focused and detailed to give feedback on exact gaps in preparation. With all these important element, Eckovations’s Test Series Program for CAT and Non-CAT exam is designed by team of 18 experts.

Important highlight of Test Series Program of CAT + Non-CAT exam

CAT/XAT exams are highly competitive as most of the students look towards completing an MBA after their graduation for giving a boost to their careers.

That is why we have designed a comprehensive program in such a way that if you sincerely devote 60-90 minutes everyday to the preparation, we guarantee you 98+ percentile in CAT 2018. Getting 99+ percentile will also depend on the level of effort you put in.

Important highlight of the Test Series Program are:

  • 300 Topic Level Tests on Quant/DI/LR/Verbal
  • 50 Full Length Tests (25 CAT + 25 for XAT, SNAP, NMAT and IIFT)
  • High Quality Study Material on all Topics
  • Personalised Feedback based on your Test attempts
  • Percentile Predictor
  • Peer-Discussion
  • Mentorship

Either of these benefits of Test Series Program:  

i) If you already know how to solve the question variety, then this revision will help you solve a similar question in lesser time in CAT and thus give you more time to solve other questions,

ii) If you haven’t yet solved the question variety, then you’ll start solving similar questions comfortably. Topic level bench-marking of your performance with other students of this program from across the country.

So for example, for an easy topic, everyone’s preparation might be good in an absolute sense but you’ll get to know how to stand relatively. This is more useful as ultimately we are talking about a competitive exam.

So, in essence, it’s all about making sure that you practice and practice each variety of questions from all sections in these last 100 days. If you can do that on your own, that’s great. But if want to minimise your time in this effort and just focus on preparation at this crucial hour, then you can join our crash course program.

How to Join the Test Series Program of CAT + Non-CAT

To join the program, follow the steps:

  1. Open the Test Series Program of Eckovation for CAT + Non CAT: Click Here
  2. Tap on Enroll Now Button and complete the subscription
  3. Receive the welcome mail and start the process of learning
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