Best books for CAT preparation CAT 

Recommended books/novels that every MBA aspirant should read

Reading is the ideal way for improving your speed and accuracy in verbal section. Ability to read fast not only helps for reading comprehension but also for other sections like Reasoning and quantitative aptitude by digesting and comprehending the information quickly. Solving an RC is testing, developing reading habit over time is skill. So Read! Read! Read! If you are not a regular reader, I would suggest that you start with something simple and easy and then move on to books which are slightly harder to read. The list has been…

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CAT 2018 Super 50 Program Schedule

This post outlines CAT’s recommended schedule or timeline, that can help one plan and track their progress in their CAT prep journey. We’ve given an overall outline and a plan for someone who does not as yet know his/her strengths and weaknesses. Each student should create his/her own schedule and prepare with a customized plan. You are preparing to have a shot at the top few B-Schools in the Country. You SHOULD definitely have ownership over your preparation plan. Treat this as a broad framework, and not as the finished article.…

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