9 Most Important Last Week Strategies and Tips for CAT Exam

Every year, lakhs of MBA aspirants appear for the test and this year 200,000+ candidates have applied for the same. Just a few days away from the test and amidst the last moment panic, we present this article listing the last minute tips to best utilize this week and to gear up for taming CAT.

These tips will help the candidates to prepare a strategy for attempting the test. It is important to have a strategy and plan set in advance as it will help in tackling the test in most effective manner, thereby scoring a high percentile. Keep reading this article to know how you can prepare for CAT in this last week and tips for cracking the exam.

Do not pick up any new topic to cover

All the candidates are advised not to start anything new now. This will lead to confusion as well as it will divert you from all your strong topics that have been covered and kept clear. Do not waste time and energy in covering any new topics in this eleventh hour. Build firmness on your strong topics and focus on the completed syllabus rather than your weaker sections.

Write and analyze Mock Test regularly

Mocks are always very helpful even in the last minutes. The experts have always advised taking mock test and analyzing them well. In this last week, the candidates can take 2 – 3 mock tests and not more than that. It is suggested that the candidates should write at least 2 mocks at the time of their actual CAT 2016 slot. The candidates now know their exam slot as the CAT 2016 admit card has been issued. This will sync your body clock and body cycle to perform at the peak.

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Concentrate on strong topics and keep revising 

Collect all your notes that you have prepare all these months, the list of important topics and sub – topics that have been important as per the previous year exam trends and a list of formulae & shortcuts. Keep revising these and just focus on your strong topics so that you would be able to solve the questions from these in the test and not go wrong.4

Practice Comprehension for English 

Comprehensions are very scoring unless strategies are applied in attempting reading the passages in the question paper.  If a candidate’s English is not so strong then what they can do is, read the questions first and then look for the answers in the passages. Considering the 60 minutes restriction, the candidates should not spend too much of time in answering the comprehension.

Keep a track on what you have prepared 

It is not at all easy to keep track on what has been prepared and covered so far. But it is important, so that at the end moment you do not become shaky or restless. Keep a track of mock test questions and practise accordingly. Avoid repeating the mistakes and solve the problems by using different methods so that you understand the concepts and not just the technique of solving the question of that particular topic.

Get accustom to the Online Calculator 

Majorly, the candidates should depend on doing the paper-pencil calculation as it would any way save time. However, while writing mocks, they should use the online calculator too so that they get accustom to using it and won’t face issues in using the same in CAT. The experts have been of the view that the CAT virtual calculator can be used to solve a few of quant questions but the students should not waste much of their time in getting stuck with the calculator.

Prepare a strategy to attempt different sections

It is important for the candidates to give 200% in all the sections as they will have to clear both, the sectional and overall CAT 2016 Cutoff in order to get shortlisted. According to the experts, the candidates should not go the exam with a pre-calculation that these many questions he/she need to solve. Go through the whole section once, prepare a quick strategy then and there of answering the questions and confidently go ahead with that. Do not stick to one question for a longer time and start a section always with a fresh mind, forgetting the earlier section.

Avoid studying late at nights in this week

Sleep for at least 6 – 7 hours in the night, so that your brain can function well the next day. Our brain needs rest and proper sleep to keep things in mind. If you won’t let your brain rest, all the preparation of months will go in vain as you won’t be able to perform at your best in the test. Experts have always advised to sleep early and wake up early as well. This method is one of the best and successful method of preparing for any exam.

Relax and Keep calm 

Take short breaks while doing the revision. Do meditation, take a walk, listen music or do anything you feel like before and after revision hours. It will help the brain to be stress free and not panic. Have fun to keep out the anxiety.

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