5 ways of How to start preparing for CAT at home

A lot of candidates have to go the extra mile for CAT Preparation, and a lot of it depend on upon the current level of expertise in the sections. If you are planning to start for your CAT preparation now, then three months are time enough if utilized well.  Close to two lakhs candidates who register for CAT exam each year are from a varied educational background, educational levels or work experiences, and hence, the preparation strategies are going to be different for all. You need a sound CAT preparation strategy to enter the 99 percentiles club that will open the doors of top management institutes including the IIMs. Naturally, for the candidate who is strong in quant have to work on verbal and reading comprehension section and vice versa.

But what if the candidate is not prepared at all- first timers?

Should he drop the plan for not taking the CAT at all? No.

They should begin by making a plan, as – Failing to plan is planning to fail.  Let’s chalk out the best plan backed by the best CAT trainers of India:

1. Set your target:

Want to enter the IIMs? Or other top management institutes? Check out the sectional percentile cut off from previous year batches from those institutes. Get yourself updated with their recent news and events that going on in the campus. Here is the checklist that will help you to research the college.

  • Name of the College:
  • Entrance exams scores that the college/university accepts:
  • Cut off(s):
  • Website:
  • Date of application:
  • Any other news and notification

2. Build a solid fundamental knowledge of all the sections:

Don’t directly just jump to the tips and tricks, try to start with the basics, critically analyze your problem-solving steps and try to avoid redundant steps, if any. Visualizing is the best way to get the hang of the problem and setting the steps in mind to solve it. Solving CAT problem needs a creative and out of box thinkers to visualize the problems in a different way.

3. Devote a certain amount of time of the day to CAT and stick to it:

Preparing For CAT at home cuts your travel time and that would mean that you have the advantage of having an hour or more at your disposal which can be used to prepare for CAT.

4. Access the free resources:

You can start accessing the free resources. Be careful and assess only the quality material from top rated websites only, as some of the websites gives false claims just to rank for revenue from the website. Check the authenticity of the materials by looking at their about us/ contact us page. You can find some great resources from CAT Group of Eckovation group, there you will also get regularly CAT Notifications and updates.

5. Get into a Peer-Learning Group:

It’s always advisable to get knowledge about the CAT exams and all the things related to it, from a strong peer group. Being in such a group gives you an idea of how things moving in bigger world. Also by participation in such peer-groups you can solve most of your doubts in no time.  In short, it is the best to go for tab based preparation for CAT exams. The discovery of such peer group is also very easy. You just have to download Eckovation App and you need to join peer learning group using group code: 368142.

Year long program of Super 50 of Eckovation will ensure your 98+ percentile in CAT 2018. So enroll in the program. To know more about the program: Click here


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