5 useful Personality tips which will be an add on for your INTERVIEW


Our personality is the true reflection of our inner being. Personality is not just looks it is way beyond that. The personality of an individual is determined by his/her appearance, behavior, attitude, education, values and some more varying characteristics. It defines who you are and how you respond in various situations.

1. Study Your Own Self

As a student, it is all about studying! Well, this one goes for studying your own character. Knowing your talents as well as shortcomings will give you an insight into problem areas that are hindering with the process of personality development.


2. Communication Skills is the Key

Today, it is a world of competition. You will be left behind in the race if you lack in communication. This is not just limited to verbal communication. Expression of thoughts through writing can create a strong impact on the reader too.


3. Body Language Depicts Your Attitude

It is not just our tongue that talks. Our body also says out aloud. Keep a habit of holding your head high, shoulders pulled back and tummy in. Do not drag your feet while walking, rather, pick up your feet and take more confident steps. Control your body from swaying too much. Most importantly, don’t forget to wear a smile as it can make you look pleasant and eager to mingle!

4. Proper Planning in order to Perform better

As a student, planning out your goals becomes a necessary part of your lifestyle. These are certain golden years which demand high input for a peak performance.

Business People Planning Strategy Analysis Office Concept

5. Listen Patiently

Listen to what the other person is saying and try to fathom what do the words intend to mean. We usually listen, just to listen. This means we are not attentive to the thoughts being expressed by the person. Give everyone their importance by listening intently and then responding by voicing out your opinion.


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