Got a call for interview from your dream college, but still wondering about how to crack an interview which will help you accomplish your dreams. You may feel quite nervous about the MBA interview, however there is nothing to worry as we have great tips from our experts that will help you to ace the interview and convert the opportunity.

Many people are scared by the idea of an MBA admission interview, where the candidate will be asked few questions in order to gain a place at the MBA program. However, right amount of confidence and tips by expert is all you need to follow to ace the MBA admission interview. Below are some useful tips which will be helpful:

1. Proper Research Work 

Before the MBA admission interview, you will need to do your research work about the B-School and the program applied for. You must have already gone through the website of the universities and about their MBA programs and decided the right program for you. But in your research, you will have to look beyond this information.

For example: Go through the social media pages of the program and see the information shared over there. Also try and talk about the program with the students who are currently studying or with recent Post Graduates from the same B-School.



2.  Impression is the key

First Impression is always important. As much as you want to sound professional you also want to look professional. Dress for this interview just as you would for an interview for your dream job.


Businesswomen with paperwork talking face to face

3. Practice makes you Perfect

Practice as much as you can but make sure you sound genuine not robotic. Practice with your friends, family, through mock interviews. Practice until you are able to clearly get your point across without fumbling to find the right words.



4. Prepare yourself

Be determined about your goals and also about your need to study for the degree at the particular institution and how it will benefit you. Prepare yourself for some general questions like “Why MBA?” or “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” or “Your strengths and weakness”. Clear answer will definitely help you get through with the interview. Avoid any unclear/vague answers during the interview.


Thinking business woman in front of question marks drawn on blackboard

5. Feel free to ask questions

Also prepare some questions which you can ask them. This is when you want to show that you have a genuine interest in the program and ask specific questions that can’t be easily found on their website. You may ask about the school or program’s greatest asset or about the campus life or if your interviewer says something during the interview that interests you, ask for more information.






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