25 Most Important Personal Interview (PI) Questions Answers For IIM & CAT Exam

Heart racing, palms sweating, stomach sinking … You know the feeling—the nerves that take over right before walking into an interview.

Believe it or not, everyone experiences those feelings at one point or another, even those really, really confident-looking people! Even if you can’t get rid of it completely, you can reduce the amount of stress you feel by preparing for an interview before it happens. Knowing in advance what the interviewer might ask can give you time to come up with the best possible answers, which should keep your nerves from completely taking over.

Here’s a list of few common questions asked in a PI, CAT Exam:

1. Tell us something about yourself.

2. Why do you think should we give you admission in our college?

3. What are your key skills/ greatest strengths?

4. What is your greatest weakness?

5. What is your greatest achievement?

6. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

7. What are your career goals?

8. What are your short-term goals?

9. What are your long-term goals?

10. Why do you want to join this College/B-school?

11. Why MBA?

12. Why marketing/ finance/ etc. specialisation?

13. Why this particular programme?

14. What are your hobbies and interests?

15. Who is your role model?

16. Who inspires you?

17. What is the difference between a good manager and a good leader?

18. Why should we admit you?

19. Walk me through your resume/profile.

20. What is your biggest failure or challenge?

21. How will you contribute to the class if we choose you?

22. How will you contribute to the campus if we choose you?

23. How will you add value to the campus if chosen?

24. What is your expectation from this MBA programme?

25. How do you deal with failures?

26. How do you deal with criticism?

28. What have you learnt from your failures?

29. Discuss a situation when you were a leader.

30. Where else have you applied? What other calls have you received?

31. What are the newspaper headings that grabbed your attention?

32. Do you want to ask or know anything (about the college)?

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Question and Answers of PI for MBA Schools

  • Tell me about yourself.

Your answer should be 2-3 minutes long. Talk briefly about:

  • Your undergraduate education and why you chose the major you did
  • Your work experience and accomplishments
  • Your career goals


  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years

Make a note that this question is asked because the interviewer wants to know whether this job is a good fit for you or not. Try not to lie. An answer like “In your seat” is a very outdated and monotonous answer. Talk about your weaknesses and how your skills will help you master it with this job profile.

  • Why should I select you?

Your primary focus while answering this question should be that you are fit for the student profile they are looking for. Make them understand that you’re hardworking, loyal and have an ability to handle stressful situations.

  • Do you have any regrets?

Answer it honestly. Even if your answer is no, try to make the outcome of the situation very positive. If your reply is yes, don’t be overconfident about it. They want to know if you learned anything from your past and whether it reflects on your potential shortcomings in your life.

  • Questions about your past

The interviewer wants to know what all you did in your college life and your working profession. Make sure you did something productive and make sure you did something related to management and business. And if you didn’t, tell them how you never got an opportunity and how much you’re looking forward to doing that in their college. If you’re a working professional, you should be prepared to know each and every detail of your previous company i.e. your job profile, your organization and its value in the market.

  • Your strength/weakness

Have you ever analyzed yourself? If not, now is the time to do a SWOT i.e. Strength, Weakness, Opportunity, and Threats. Make sure that your strength and weakness doesn’t contradict each other. For e.g. if your strength is reading body language, your weakness shouldn’t be being gullible. And also avoid the cliched tactics of presenting your strength as your weakness.

  • Why do you want to join this school?

Know about the institution’s history; know about their placement records, its ranking and then how it has fascinated and inspired you and how your admission in that college will make one of your goals to come true. Research about their institute and ask their students who will be able to give you a valuable insight over college’s academic record and its extra-curricular activities and its flagships.

  • Questions from GD

They will be curious that if you got lucky in your group discussion or are very intelligent. Also, there are chances that the topics discuss over your GD could be asked again in your PI. So don’t change your point of view when you are answering this particular question.

  • Do you have any questions for us?

Never say ‘no.’ This would make you look like you didn’t learn anything from this interview and you are not willing to ask them about their institution’s history or anything about the academic profile. Don’t ask them about its placement records and salary related inquiries. Your curiosity shouldn’t be reflected as part of your greed.

Once your interview is finished, have a smile on your face and greet them goodbye with a thank you note. Don’t ask any unnecessary questions. Remember this is the top 10 questions asked in a CAT personal interview. Your discussion can go on from 5 mins– 50 mins. It all depends on you whether you were able to stand out from other candidates or whether you’re one of the mainstream crowds.

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