11 Tips on How to Prepare for CAT Exams

CAT exams have been changing in some way or the other every year. But still a mixture of strategy, planning and implementation always helps in scoring well in this test. Try these simple tips before the CAT Exam and feel more confident and geared up for the big day.

Tip #1
Rather than focusing on all the topics, students need to try and select those topics with which they are more comfortable. Even on the exam day, with the question sheet in hand, students shouldn’t try to solve each and every question and waste their energy; they should rather spend 5 minutes in scanning a section and selecting questions from their area of expertise and skill.

Tip #2
In order to ace CAT, students should look at questions from previous years’ CATs and understand its syllabus. They should assess whether they are proficient, average or need improvement in each of the areas. The areas that fall in the third category should be focused on first followed by second and first.

Tip #3
CAT aspirants should always start early in preparing for the exams as an early start would benefit them in gaining knowledge about the kind of questions to be asked. Another advantage to it can be spending time in developing extra reading habits and increasing vocabulary.

Tip #4
The best way to go on with the CAT preparations is to evaluate oneself in every 10-15 days, which is done by mock tests. But one thing that students should be careful about is to not to repeat the mistakes made by them in either the mock CATs or while practicing at home or the whole purpose of taking mock tests would be lost.

Tip #5
One thing that is must while preparing for CAT is to practice on calculations rigorously on an everyday basis. There are never long equations in CAT, the only thing which works is the smart way of calculations which can be mastered by practicing the tricks available in books and internet.

Tip #6
While preparing for the CAT question paper, one must keep in mind that management schools seek to test understanding of basic concepts that the student possesses. So, students should stop looking for the toughest material to practice and realize that their understanding of concepts is not as good as they think it is.

Tip #7
Some things which CAT aspirants must do on an everyday basis are- Minimum 10 hours study everyday, especially before the 6 months of CAT exams. Preparation of minimum 10,000 words to enhance Vocabulary, study of newspapers and editorials for 2 hour’s everyday and reading at least two magazines and one novel each week.

Tip #8
Time management is an essential ingredient to crack the CAT exam and make it to your favorite college. Managing one’s time includes balancing speed with accuracy, handling the pressure and uncertainty and the apt decision making.

Tip #9
Negative marking is a part of CAT. CAT aspirants are advised to not take wild guesses in the Exam paper. Only if the student is able to eliminate 2-3 choices, then he should take a guess. Otherwise there is no point in wild guessing, as it may drop ones chances of making it right.


Tip #10
Get a Peer Group that can give you the best realisation of competition, help you understanding the doubts, concepts etc. There are numerous groups are out there. These groups are most of the time parked on Eckovation which is India’s fastest growing social learning platform. One of such group is on Eckovation App is peer learning group (group code: 368142).

Tip #11
Learning the concepts is important but the very critical part is to test the skills in limited period of time and for the same you need to be the part of test series which can test the learning on topic level to full test level. Last years 10% people who appeared in Exam has chosen the test series of Eckovation. So you should also stick to the same to simulate the real exam hall senario from now. The details are: on  Eckovation App  the group code of CAT Test Series: 819367.



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